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Revindex Wiki 5 - Publish professional looking docs

posted by Revindex Inc. - 3/15/2016
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Create professional looking documentation, manuals and knowledge base easily. Your customers will appreciate finding information quicker and easier reducing support issues. Module 35880
  • $0.00 Free Trial Limited to 10 topics
  • $149.99 Professional Edition Same features as Enterprise. License for 1 live and test URL
  • $999.99 Enterprise Edition Same features as Professional. License for 1 machine & test URL


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  • Revindex Wiki helps customers find information quicker & easier

    Create searchable, neatly categorized, link ready documentation. Organize and publish professional looking documentation (documents, user manuals, KB, FAQ, notes, etc.) completely integrated in your Web site.

    Demo Users Manual Release Notes

    Easy Collaboration

    Revindex Wiki makes it easy to create content. With our rich text editor, users don't need to learn any special syntax and can start collaborating right away. Make use of templates, tokens, links, attach images, videos and even files. It's everything you need to build professional looking documents. With threaded comments, even anonymous readers can be contributors. 

    Permissions & Versions

    Get notified when a topic changes. You have complete granular permission control over what a user can see, add, edit, move or delete for the entire document or down to each topic. With topic versioning and recycle bin, you can revert back to previous content in history and recover deleted topics anytime. 

    Available Anywhere

    Localize your content for viewers in different languages. Your wiki is SEO optimized, mobile friendly and completely searchable. We make it easy for users to share with friends on their favorite social networks. Export to PDF or print for offline reading. Don't worry about incomplete docs, you can choose to publish only the topics you like when ready.


    • Mobile responsive (IPhone, IPad, Android, Desktop, etc.)
    • Create unlimited topics using rich text HTML.
    • Create unlimited documentations per portal.
    • Granular permission (view, add, edit, delete, move, manage) NEW
    • Topic versioning keeps history of changes and allows reverting NEW
    • Topic post notification NEW
    • Unlimited nested categories.
    • Localize content for any language.
    • Attach unlimited number of files, images, videos. NEW
    • Create and insert from templates NEW
    • Search indexing for faster query.
    • Rearrange topics by drag-and-drop.
    • Full add, copy, edit, delete, move functionality.
    • Copy entire topic tree or sub-tree.
    • Support standard DNN tokens.
    • Reference other topics by linkage.
    • Navigate between previous and next topic easily.
    • Navigate to subtopics easily.
    • Add nice code block.
    • View single topic or entire section per page.
    • Email to friend, social sharing. NEW
    • Print topic
    • Threaded comments by registered or anonymous users
    • Optimized for SEO keywords, title, meta keywords, description.
    • Nice clean URL
    • Professional edition is licensed by top-level domain. The Enterprise edition is license for 1 physical server for unlimited DNN installations.
    • Requires DNN 8+ (Older version 6.1+ also available).
    • Includes 90-days free software upgrades
    • Free community level support.
    • Trial software is limited to 10 topics only.


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    Roy C says... 5 5.0
    Excellent module. Works just as promised. Revindex was very responsive when I had an issue - I needed to update to the latest version which fixed my... Show More
    Posted 9/25/2012