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Page Protection is a complete solution for protecting your copyrighted content on a DNN website. Disable right click on entire page or images only, disable text selection / highlighting on entire page or within specific area, and source code obfuscation. Module 37826
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Page Protection

Page Protection is a DNN Module which allows you to disable right click feature of the mouse as well as the ability to disable highlighting any text on the page.

The module can be configured to disable right click on images only or the entire page. Similarly, it can be configured to disable text selection on entire page or within a certain area. Also obfuscate source code so a visitor will see an empty source code file* and optionally add a copyright message. Protect your copyrighted content.

Compatible With

  • 7.3+ | 8.0+ | 9.0
  • 7.3.4 | 8.0+ | 9.0
  • 7.3.4 | 8.0+ | 9.0
  • 7.3.4 | 8.0+ | 9.0
  • evoq OnDemand
  • Azure Compatible


Disable Right Click

  • Disable Right Click on Entire Page
  • Disable Right Click on Images Only

Disable Text Selection

  • Disable Text Selection on Entire Page
  • Disable Text Selection within a Specific Area on page

Obfuscate Source Code

  • Obfuscate Source Code
  • Show a Custom Copyright Message

How does source code obfuscation works?

Page Protection module injects empty space at top of the source code file to mimic an empty source code file. A visitor will not see any source code until the source code file page is scrolled down.

An admin can also show a copyright message at top of the empty source code file*. Visitor's IP Address can also be shown to create an effective warning.

Note: You must have "Use Whitespace Filter" unchecked under Host Settings > Advanced Settings > Performance Settings

Easy to configure

Page Protection

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  • Single DNN Install 1
    perpetual license

  • Localhost Only
    dev, staging, & testing licenses
  • 90 Days Support
  • Free Minor Upgrades
    Discounted Major Upgrades 3

Enterprise w/Source

  • Unlimited DNN Installs 2
    perpetual license
    with 1 year subscription
  • Unlimited DNN Installs 2
    dev, staging, & testing license
  • 1 Year Support
  • Free Minor Upgrades
    Discounted Major Upgrades and Renewals 3
    Includes C# Source Code

1) DNN Install is defined as collection of DNN Portals/Domains that are running off same DNN Database and Filesystem.
2) Enterprise is defined as your company site(s) and those of your customers that are directly managed by your organization. Includes 1 year of subscription with “perpetual” use rights—the ability to continue using the software after the subscription has expired, even though the ability to download software and/or request product activation keys ends when the subscription expires.
3) 50% discount on major upgrades and renewals.
Please refer to our End User License Agreement for complete details

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a perpetual license?
A perpetual license allows you to use the licensed software indefinitely without paying annual or any additional licensing fees.

What happens after my 1 year subscription expires?
A perpetual license allows you to use the licensed software even after your subscription has expired. However, the ability to download software and/or request product activation keys ends when the subscription expires.

Which edition should I buy for dev/staging/testing licenses?
We strongly recommend to purchase Enterprise Edition which allows you to activate the product on any number of DNN Installs for dev/staging/testing.
You can use the product for dev/staging/testing under LOCALHOST url only with Standard Edition.

What are the System Requirements & DNN Compatibilty?
Page Protection is compatible with DNN 7.3.0 & above What are the System Requirements & DNN Compatibilty?

Are there any limitations with trial?
Not at all. Trial version is fully functional and it's identical to our production version. You're welcome to evaluate the product for 14 days after which it must be activated. You will not lose any of your work or settings when activating the trial to production.

Where can I find documentation?
See our Documentation Section which is a central repository of for all of our products.


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5 5 (10 product reviews)
Guido K says... 5 5.0
Great Product! Works simple and nice without any Problems! The Support is fast and great!
Posted 3/28/2008
Stephen N says... 5 5.0
This module has a good level of granularity -- it can block right-clicking on the whole page, images, and/or text. The documentation is good. I was... Show More
Posted 1/8/2008
charles j says... 5 5.0
Works Perfectly! Also - I had a small problem w/ install - completely my error. However I did email mandeep and got an email back so fast - that as I... Show More
Posted 8/16/2007
Dwight B says... 5 5.0
Works like a charm.. Easy setup and Admin interface with excellent customer support. Who could ask for more. Developers to stay away From:... Show More
Posted 4/13/2007
Salvatore V says... 5 5.0
Excellent product works like a charm. The how to directions were not great. But the developer was quick to answer a question and fast to resolve any... Show More
Posted 4/25/2011

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