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Advanced Biz Map 6.9.2

posted by ZLDNN.COM - 3/31/2018
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The Advanced Biz Map integrates Google map API V3 into DNN to provide map service for DNN web site. It supports reponsive themes. Module 37921
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Support DNN 9.2

Please Note: Google Map needs API Key now. Please apply an API key and enter it in module settings of Advanced Biz Map.

Bizmap can work with DNN 6.1+ including DNN 7.x DNN 8.x and DNN 9.x.

Responsive Layout template included. You can visite demo web site: http://demo.zldnn.com/bizmap

The Advanced Biz Map integrates Google map API V3 into DotNetNuke to provide map service for DotNetNuke web site. The new Google map API V3 officially replaces version 2 of the Google Maps Javascript API.

Mark Clusters

Marker List

KML Layer


The Biz Map includes five modules

  1. Advanced Biz Map: you can create maps, markers, layers and icons in the main module.
  2. Advanced Biz Map – Map View: you can set the Map View to show a map. It supports template. And it allows you to show maps, street view, side bar and direction search in other modules such as HTML/Text.
  3. Advanced Biz Map – Map List: it shows list of maps in any page you want. Each item links to a Map View to show the map when a user clicks the link.
  4. Advanced Biz Map – Marker List: it shows marker list of a map in any page you want. Each item links to a Map View to show the map when a user clicks the link.
  5. Advanced Biz Map – Marker Management: it allows to manage markers of a map in a seperated page.

Living demo

The living demo of this module is here: http://demo.zldnn.com/bizmap

You can download 15 days trial version from this page.

The version 6.6 can work with DNN 6.1+ including  DNN 7.x and 8.x.
If you want a older version that can work with DNN 4.x and 5.x, please go to the support page of www.zldnn.com to create a help ticket.


Yelp integration: Biz Map Yelp Search

The Biz Map Yelp Search needs Asp.Net 4+. You can download BizMap Yelp Search from download page of www.zldnn.com.

The Biz Map Yelp Search integrates Google map API V3 and Yelp API into DotNetNuke to provide Yelp search for DotNetNuke web site. It allows users to search businesses around defined or passed in location.

Living demo: http://demo.zldnn.com/bizmap/BizmapYelp.aspx
It can working with Advanced Biz Map: http://demo.zldnn.com/bizmap/BizmapYelp/WorkingWithBizMap.aspx




Working with Advacned Biz Map




  • Using Google Map API V3. Need not security key.
  • Manage several maps in one module.
  • Integrate geo coding to get latitude and longitude by address.
  • You can add locations into one map.
  • There can be different locations for different levels.
  • Support layers. You can add more than one layer on a map. The layers can be traffic overlay, GEO RSS, KML or Google fusion table layer.
  • You can set description for each location. The description can be shown when the mark is clicked.
  • It supports map layout template. You can define map layout. It supports to show maps in other modules such as HTML/Text.
  • It supports direction search, street view, side bar and icon list. You can put those elements into other modules such as HTML/Text.
  • You can set custom icons.
  • Data import: It supports data import from CSV file, SQL statement or existing Business Map or Business Map2.
  • The map list module can show map information in a data list. And each item can be linked to a Map View instance to show the map.
  • The Marker List module can show information of markers of a map in a data list. Each item can be linked to a Map View instance to show the selected marker.
  • Export/Import: it implements IPortal interface of DNN core. You can imports map data easily.
  • Search: it supports DNN core search. The maps and markers can be indexed by DNN core search engine.
  • “From“ and “To“ tokens from Pop up template.
  • KML, GEO RSS files upload.
  • Display multi layers on one map.
  • Double click the map to change street view.
  • SEO friendly. Using map information to fill the SEO fields of Map View page.




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Brookhaven W says... 5 5.0
I bought this module over a year ago and I still can't beleive all of the features it offers! You can import and export map data from a database or... Show More
Posted 7/14/2011
says... 4 4.0
Its very helpful.. Easy to build multi-layered maps and import new locations
Posted 9/23/2015
Milton A says... 5 5.0
your advanced biz map implementation of google map is outstanding. a well and balanced human interface drives a thoughtful set of relational tables. ... Show More
Posted 8/27/2015
says... 5 5.0
The module is awesome, very simple to use but feature-packed at the same time. It will allow to do almost anything you can think of (and it will allow... Show More
Posted 5/23/2014
Rob B says... 5 5.0
Excellent easy to use module
Posted 2/7/2014

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