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Dynamic Registration 7.3

posted by Data Springs, Inc. - 06/11/2018

Need custom fields and workflow for your registration? Get all the power and ease of use to create the registration and profile management just the way you want it.

'Dynamic Registration' by Data Springs now offers a master key that unlocks your full potential into the world of 'Mass Customization" for your portal. With this key, you'll be able to open the only DNN door that allows you to dynamically identify your specific users; needs, wants, preferences, and desires - instantaneously the moment they become a user. Now you can personally customize fields using their terminology, so that a one-to-one relationship with your users builds right from day one. On top of this, it gives your users options to update their own custom data quickly, which they've never even had access to before.

In their eyes, it will suddenly appear that you're serving them and only them - and that translates into an instant boost in sales potential. Ready for the master key? There's only one module that offers it, and it can be yours today.

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User Guide (PDF) 

What's New in Version 7.0? - Updated TLS 1.2 security, now supports DNN 9.2! 

Support for new profile field types as well as new country and region fields for DNN 7.4 and DNN 8. 

Patches and security fixes for all payment gateways (, PayPal)

Full support for Evoq,  AZURE, DNN 7 and DNN 8


What's New in Version 5.0?

Enjoy all the features you've always loved and then choose how to style your layout -- by HTML divs or by tables.  THE CHOICE IS NOW YOURS!

Plus, mapping images to the DNN Photo profile property is easier than ever!  Choose to store it with DNN's FileID and the photo you uploaded in Dynamic Registration can now be used anywhere on your DNN site.  

Searching for image files to upload is too old school for you?  Try the new Photo Drag and Drop feature and be blown away!

That's 2 thumbs up....way up!  Click on the image below and let Chad tell you more.

Click on Chad to learn more.

What's New in Version 4.2?

  • New styling features to create the look and feel that you want
    • Use the new panels and tabs for a more compact, user-friendly layout.
    • The new DNN 6 CSS options offer command buttons, more styling choices and have been fully tested for compatibility with the upcoming DNN 6.2!
  • Power to back your complex workflow!
    • Fire Question Events based on an HTML input button.
    • Using coupon codes?  Validate customer's coupon codes, return with a database value and calculate for new totals using SQL and client side events!
    • Completion events can run based on results from previous events.  Imagine what you can do:
      • Redirect to a specific page if a SQL Event fails
      • Fire a SQL event and include the returned value in your email event
      • Email or redirect based on an HTTP post confirmation 
  • Easy options to create form fields
    • Create fields with simple mouse clicks using the Standard Setup Wizard. 
    • Want fields based on your existing database columns?  Use the new SQL Creation Wizard.  
    • Choose the Existing Modules Wizard to clone fields from other Dynamic Registration instances within your site.  
  • New Admin features by popular demand
    • Significant performance boost with new database caching
    • Copying entire forms are easier than ever!  IPortable feature includes jscript and stylesheets.
    • Extended Event Viewer logs give you better controls for tracking and troubleshooting completion events.
  • Payment Gateways
    • Enhancements to Authorize.NET ARB integration allows for better ability to handle upgrades/downgrades and cancel subscriptions
    • New payment gateway: Ogone / ABN AMRO

What's New in Version 4.1?

  • Fully supports DNN 5.6
  • New Re-Captcha field type (more info at
  • Payment Gateways
    • Now supports PayPal Donations
    • Additional PayFlow Pro details make for easier set up and reduced errors
    • ARB integration now offers ability to Create, Update and Cancel Subscriptions
    • New payment gateway:  Moneris ESelect Plus!
  • New Layout Options
    • Now add fields to same cell, not just same row
    • HTML fields can now be displayed on the same row as previous field
  • Enhanced Completion Events
    • New ability to clone completion events reduces set up time for repetitive tasks
    • Now accept Form Posts into Dynamic Registration to fire email and SQL completion events
    • Text/HTML form fields can now be rendered on email and PDF events with a token
  • New links on User-facing Page
    • Easy access to wizards
    • One click to get to Add/Manage User mode
  • New Admin Controls for increased efficiency
    • Select short field names in identifying affected questions in Question Events
    • Client side events to change the submit button link text makes your form more interactive. Simply use $(SubmitButton_Field) and $(SubmitButton_FieldID) in your implementation
    • Editing options for radio buttons and dropdown lists are now more efficient with no postback
    • New $(ValidationError) token allow for SQL Validation to return specific error messages to the user, instead of vague and generic messages

What's New in Version 4.0?

Plenty!  Read on below.

  • Awesome new control panel!
  • Major improvements for admin interface including:
    • Quick set up with Question Wizard.
    • Use the easy Drag / Drop function for quick layout changes. 
    • New 'Quick Stats' icon allows you to review field properties without having to go into edit mode.
    • New Hidden Fields Menu provides easy access to hidden fields at your fingertips.
    • Advanced Field Wizard -- conveniently apply a setting to multiple fields at one time.
    • Recycle bin now allows you to restore deleted fields and events.
    • Add an asterisk * to all required fields in one step!
  • AJAX within control panel for faster performance
  • Multiple AJAX settings to fit your needs.
  • Expanded functionality for Completion Events:
    • Now accept Silent Registration Posts in addition to the previous HTTP Post completion event to silently register users from non-DNN sites to your DNN site behind the scenes.
    • PDF completion event now available to create PDF's with full layout control using your registrant's data. 
    • Completion events can now be fired off when a condition is NOT met. You could previouslly fire completion events when a field matched a specific value but now you can fire them when a field does not match a specific value.
    • Role completion events now offers more flexibility with role management:  add only, remove only, and renew a role in addition to the standard add/delete function.
    • Built-in role renewal functions to add days to a specific role expiration date if the user already has the role. This was added for easier integration with subscription payments and PayPal/
  • Question Events can now be AJAX driven, allowing for faster performance and fewer postbacks.
  • Option to disable a question event now available.  This means that you no longer have to delete and create a question event if you want to test a different set up. 
  • Exciting new Field-level features include:
    • The date field type now allows for jQuery enhancements for more interactive options.
    • Use a mask edit or watermark on your fields.
    • Now offer 'Select all' for checkbox groups.
    • Let users add their own response to a dropdown list.  Great alternative to the old 'other' method!
    • Hide / Show by role: Previous versions allow you to hide fields based on a role. New enhancements now offer the option to either show or hide based on the user's role.
    • New field types include the Ratings field and the Gridview field for surveys.
  • New features to enhance end-user experience include:
    • Password Strength feature: enable the  jQuery password strength feature to offer users quick tips on how strong their password is.
    • DNN Text Suggest offers ease-of-use to your users
    • Display a 'Processing...' image or text if user has to wait as backend events take place
    • Set auto -approve links in emails without using verification codes provides a less complicated verification process.
  • Specific roles can be given rights to manage users based on matching conditions without being given full admin rights to the site.
  • Create child portals upon registration.
  • Easily define email address as the username


Whats New? Enhancements in V3.2 

General Enhancements

  • Quick Create Profile Property feature – When setting up fields you can easily create extended profile property fields within the core based on the fields short field name
  • Clear Results Feature - This new feature will allow you to optionally enable a 'Reset' or 'Clear Form' link or image button to the form. The form field will be directly next to the register or update registration link/image button
  • Optionally retrieve / push values of form field to a cookie variable
  • Optionally setup fields to not save data to the database. This is useful for form fields that you do not want to save the data such as when you might process a credit card with the Authorizenet® payment gateway or similar implementations
  • New Custom SQL Script Validation (per dynamic field) - Ever wanted to parse the users information they entered for validation? Maybe confirm that they entered a valid code or check a custom database table to see if they should continue? Well now you can!
  • Option to enable quick pop up help text when the user is focused on the current field
  • Easier field maintenance: Short field names will now be used with HTML field types, fields labels longer than 40 characters will be truncated within the manage questions dropdownlist.
  • New feature to set column span on fields (useful for multi column field rows and more)
  • New feature to set row span on fields (useful for multi column field rows and more)
  • New feature to check if the username is available (via AJAX without any post backs, immediately when the user enters their username)
New Feature - Dynamic Payment Gateway
  • This feature will allow you to process payments using Dynamic Registration, offering the ability to use the module as an ecommerce solution and single-form payment solution without another 3rd party shopping cart or payment processing module. The module currently supports Authorizenet® and PayPal® payment providers
  • Authorizenet® Payment Gateway - Dynamic Registration will now support processing credit card transactions for registrations / updated registrations
  • Dynamic Events will process only after payment is complete, offering ability to then process completion events such as emails, add users to DNN® Roles, process any SQL Events/HTTP Form Posts, etc…
  • Processed payments can be from credit card or ECheck
  • Calculation total fields can calculate a total or calculate items within a Check Box Groups and ListBox’s for a total price
  • Gateway can be used in ‘Test Mode’, or ‘Developer Mode’
  • PayPal Payment Gateway - Dynamic Registration will now support PayPal including PayPal's Instant Payment Notification (IPN) for all completion events within Dynamic Registration. You can now setup your completion events as you would normally (for emails, adding the user to a security role, executing a SQL script etc...) only now you can link each of the completion events to a PayPal status event within the IPN. This means you can setup completion events for the following IPN status codes (for single instance PayPal purchases or PayPal Subscriptions):
    • Success Redirects / Cancel Redirects
    • Completed Purchases
    • Pending Purchases
    • Subscription Sign Up
    • Subscription Payment
    • Subscription Payment Failed
    • Subscription Cancellation
    • Subscription End Of Terms
    • Payment Failed
    • Payment Denied
    • Refunded
Dynamic Completion Event Enhancements
  • HTTP Post Completion Event Type  - a new completion event type was added to handle HTTP Posts, with this new event you will be able to complete a silent HTTP Post to any URL
  • Post form results or certain parts of form results to another form.
  • As with other completion events, you will be able to fire the event for each registration or updated registration, and basically conditionally on the users response or for each submission
  • Updated Email / SQL Event Type
  • Allow emails to include attachment (previously you could upload file attachments from the file upload field type but this new feature allows you to choose a separate file that can be sent that the administrator can setup)
  • Set advanced email properties such as CC, BCC, and email priority
  • New 'Quick Create Template' links for Dynamic Email Events. The quick create ability will auto generate default templates with all form field labels / results
  • Now just click on dynamic tokens within the list box to automatically insert them into Dynamic Email or Dynamic SQL completion events
New Feature - Client Events
  • A javaScript file is used for advanced settings as an option to enable any client side script you would like rendered when the registration form is rendered. A default file is included for scripts to calculate checkbox groups, create pop up help text, create pop up alerts for require fields, and other useful functions.
  • Example client side events can include features to hide/show html, hide/show the form submission ability, pre-populate fields, calculate checkbox fields, etc, You can review the following demonstration for more detailed tutorial on setting up some client side events
  • Build interactive form payments by utilizing client side calculation fields to create a "Total Price"

Enhancements in V3.0

  • In-Line Editing - You will now be able to maintain the registration header/footer, and the questions label and so forth with in-line editing. This means that you will be able to click on the label and change the label directly on the user-facing page without having to go into the administration area (similar with out the DotNetNuke text module works in 4.5.x).
  • Question Events Enhancement - You will now be able to specify multiple affected questions for question events. For example, this means that if you specified that checking a box for a checkbox field fires the event you could have it hide maybe 10 other fields (or show 10 other fields that were previously hidden etc...). Previously you could only specify one affected field for each question event
  • New Javascript/AJAX features. Now when setting up a field label if you tab off of the label it will automatically default the short field name and help text for you.
  • Auto set sort order for new questions
  • Ability to clone questions
  • Edit button displayed next to each field on the user-facing registration page. This will allow you to edit fields faster without having as many postbacks
  • Ability to over-ride label/field sytlesheet classes per field. This would allow you for example to have just one particular field label with was using a styleclass such as normalred even when all of the others were normalbold etc...
  • Checkbox field types - now display text to the left or right of checkbox fields.
  • Optionally hide field labels per field
  • Support for Check Box Groups and Radio Button fields types to now set the number per row
  • Ability to change module title to a different title when the user is updating their registration. For example maybe your module title is 'Register'. You will now be able to specify a new title when the user is already signed in such as 'Update Registration' etc...
  • Ability to Hide Password Fields for registration updates
  • Ability to hide userID field field for registration updates. Previously all field types could be hidden but the password/userid fields. Now that these can be hidden you can setup multiple profile pages throughout your portal where the user could maintain different profile pages if you wished.
  • New feature for Dynamic Role Events. Now you can specify the number of days for the role to expire.
  • When managing users the module would previously redirect to the home page after updating a users registration. New enhancements have been added to redirect the user back to the manage users page
  • New field types for Captcha and Rich Text Editor
  • Now link all field types to DNN Core Field types. Previously you could not link fields such as checkbox field types
  •  Now specify security for who has access to manage users and manage questions (for users who do not have edit permissions to module)
  • New sytlesheet classes for all table, table rows and table cells within the module.
  • Now when you are adding or updating a dynamic field and you change the sort order, client side javascript code will let you know where it will fall into place within the form. This way you never have to save a field and then later go change the sort order
  • Now longer field names are only added to the question dropdownlist (within manage questions) as 'Field Name...' once they are a certain number of characters
  • Changed example text to allow for larger examples. In the future we will end up allow you to do all types of javascript tooltips and quick pop ups when a user tabs on/off a field etc
  • New validation enhancements. Now if the user errors on a required field it can either throw them to the top of the form, the bottom of the form, set the focus on the first field that errors, etc... Additionally (and this is great!) you can specify a stylesheet class for fields that have thrown the validation error. So you could potentially change the stylesheet class to have a red background and it would highlight the fields that the user missed with the red background etc...

Enhancements in V2.4

  • Extended field options including ability to default value of field basd on SQL query, extended validation options and more control over look and feel.
  • Additional functionality for Dynamic Events including ability to attach files to email events, distribute verification codes via email events, and IPORTABLE upgrades for both dynamic events and question events
  • Additional installation wizard features with extended field types
  • Extended layout features including the ability to add multiple questions per row
  • Content Localization - Setup your same form to be unique based upon the users language or language selected on the site.
    • Form content localization - Set the forms header, footer, display after message, submit link or image button based on the language selected or the users language.
    • Question content localization - Set the questions label, required field text, example text, question header, question footer, and other content areas based upon the users language or languaged selected on the site.


Enhancements in V2.3

  • Optionally implement question header / footer for each field
  • Additional validation features. Now you have the options to validate checkbox field types, dropdownlists, and regular expression validators for textbox's
  • Optionally choose to implement client side validation (Before user hits submit button) or server side validation (after user hits submit button)
  • Choose to have submit button be a link button or an image button
  • Supports integration with all extended fields within DotNetNuke 3.x/4.x.
  • V2.3 has now been fully reviewed from DotNetNuke Module Review process.


Enhancements in V2.2

  • New field types:

    • Date field: Calendar pop up, dropdown list month/day, dropdownlist month/year
    • Image field: Displaying full image, thumbnail, or thumbnail with full image as link
    • Listbox field: Allow single or multiple item selections
    • Horizontal Ruler field: Set size and width of ruler
  • New dropdownlist features including add after option, add to end of list, etc...
  • Choose between custom style sheet or DNN styles for your registration form
  • New support for DNN 3.3/4.3
  • Many other new options and features!

Enhancements in V2.1

  • Optionally display message after initial registration (including message parameters)
  • Additional integration with DNN Registration including time zone, language/localization
  • Option to "Auto Create UserID/Password" based on dynamic form fields (i.e.  firstname/lastname, first initial last name, first name last initial, email address)During initial registration the username/password fields will be hidden and userID will be auto created. Auto generated UserID can be displayed to the user in a message after registration or emailed to them with Dynamic Events.
  • Accept querystring and session variables for dynamic fields
  • Pass querystring and session variables from dynamic fields
  • Enable 'black listed' responses that will display a message to the user during registration if they entered responses that are on the blacklist
  • Optionally do not allow multiple registrations from the same email address, if user attempts to register and already has that email address send the user a forgot password notification
  • Now specify Dynamic Events to fire only upon initial registration, updated registration, or both

Enhancements In V2.0?

  • IPORTABLE Support - Import/Export module settings, questions/fields, and other registration features.
  • Optionally link a dynamic field directly to a SQL Query for fields that have many options (i.e. Dropdownlist, radio buttons, checkboxlist, etc...).
  • Optionally add validation for email field
  • Additional field type -CheckBoxList
  • Additional parameters for SQL Dynamic Events
  • New & improved Advanced Properties for many field types

Whats New? Enhancements In V1.7

 Dynamic Events

  • Create events based on users response to any question.  There are four types of events that can be fired upon registration:
    • Add/Remove DNN Role from user based upon question response
    • Automatically redirect user to particular page after registration based on users response to question
    • Dynamically execute SQL statement after registration, w/ ability to insert users response parameters within the query.
    • Distribute email after registration based on users response (or any response). Easily include registration parameters from the users response to questions. (i.e. Dear $(FirstName), thanks for providing us the information regarding $(CustomField2).
  • Easily add as few or as many dynamic events per registration form.

 Registration Enhancements

  • Create as many custom registration forms for each portal as you would like (no longer just one registration form per portal)
  • Set default values for all fields
  • Optionally set the required field text
  • Optionally add example text that will appear to the right of the field (i.e. (xxx)xxx-xxxxx)
  • Additional style classes and layout enhancements


  • Setup as many Dynamic Questions for your registration page as you would like (or as few!)
    • Each field/question can be setup as a textbox, dropdownlist, radio buttons, or checkbox, or HTML
    • Select the sort order for each question and if that question is required
    • Optionally insert help text for each dynamic question
    • Integrate dynamic questions directly to the DNN Core Installation, without modifying the core or administration features.
  • Optionally allow users with the ability to rename their Username
  • Set registration/update registration text links
  • Hide/Show Dynamic Question Help Text
  • Optionally allow users to cancel their account
  • Optionally include a suffix with each field
  • Optionally set a minimum password length
  • Setup redirectional pages after registration, updating user information, and cancelling membership
  • mum password length
  • Opt In Email Integration - If you have installed Data Springs Opt In Email Module you can easily integrate the Dynamic Registration module with your opt in mail system.
  • Manage users similar to how you manage them within the standard 'User Accounts' module of DNN, easily maintain their registration questions and update their information
  • Fully localized and ready for any language - all system messages, literals, and labels are all setup within the local resource files (defaults to English)
  • Several additional optional features to maximize your layout registration page

Note: Dynamic Registration 4.0 requires DotNetNuke 4.5x or higher. Earlier versions of Dynamic Registration are included for previous versions of DotNetNuke.

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** See Upgrade and Refund Policy

Licensing FAQs

Q. Can I use the module(s) on several pages on my site? A. Yes, you can have multiple instances of the modules across your site.
Q. What if I have several portals on the same DNN installation? A. If you only have one DNN installation, your Standard edition will work for you across multiple portals.
Q. What license will I need if I have several sites? A. The Enterprise Edition is a license for as many DNN installations that you directly own and operate. This, however, does not include a license to redistribute to clients. You may purchase Standard or Enterprise licenses on behalf of your clients so they have their own licenses. However, if you wish to purchase 1 license that will allow you to install at unlimited # of client sites, then you will need the Developer License.
Q. What kinds of customers will need the Developer License?

A. The key factor for the Developer License is re-distribution. Here are some examples where the Developer License will be required:

  • A web developer who will install the module(s) in multiple client sites.
  • A franchise company who operates applications using our modules across multiple franchisee websites.
  • A business entity with independent contractors where the business entity provides website templates using our modules for various sites to operate the independent contractor's business.
Q. What do you mean by “direct access to Data Springs support.“ A. For customers who have the Standard or Enterprise license, this means that the customer can contact Data Springs directly via the Contact Us (Support) Form or a DNN Store HelpDesk ticket for questions and for problem resolution. The same is true if you have the Developer License. However, If you obtained your modules through a developer using a Developer License, please course all questions through this developer. The developer can contact Data Springs for issues that need further assistance. Please see our Data Springs Support Agreement for more details.
Q. Please explain your policy regarding access to patches. A. All Standard, Enterprise, or Developer licensees can access patches within your DNN Store account under Patches and Hotfixes and/or MyDownloads. However, if you obtained your module through a developer, please contact your developer directly to access any available patches.
Q. What about the Upgrade Path and Discounts? A. As a Standard, Enterprise, or Developer licensee, there may be automatic discounts available to you when you upgrade. Please see our Upgrade Policy for details. If you obtained your modules through a developer, please contact your developer for product updates and pricing.