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DNN Search Engine - psSiteSearch

posted by Pure Systems - 05/23/2023


DNN Search Engine Module

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Why use psSiteSearch??

  • Easy to install and setup
  • It can search any type of content including Web Pages, Microsoft Office documents and PDF files
  • Search results are ranked more accurately making sure your users see the correct pages
  • It uses the DNN scheduler to run at regular intervals ensuring your new site content is indexed when you want
  • Shows the user what the search results are linking to - Web Page, PDF, Office Document, etc.
  • Allow your users to filter the search results by the result type, i.e. Web Page, PDF, Office Document, etc.
  • Works with DNN v4.9.1+
  • See the latest updates to the module

About psSiteSearch

The psSiteSearch module is a search engine module for your DNN website and is a direct replacement for the built-in search module.

It is based on and includes a web spider which is used to crawl your site and gather all page URLs. This means you can have a real search engine on your own website! This gives you much more control and provides far more accurate search results.

The search engine will honour your robots.txt file and also any page META directives including "no index" and "no follow".


New in v2

  • Filter search results by current user permissions
  • Ability to add multiple sites (DNN and non-DNN) to be indexed and which sites should be used for search results per module instance
  • Ability to show search result Facets (Document type) and filter results by the selected facet
  • Option to show the search result document type icon - makes it easy for your users to identify the type of document a link is going to - Word, Excel, Web page, PowerPoint, PDF, etc.
  • Option to make links to documents open in a new window
  • Option to add Portal file system paths to the search scope for each site added
  • Option to enter a 'Canonical Link' regular expression setting so that if a page is found with a Canonical link it will be ignored and not indexed.
  • Improved PDF indexing performance


  • True web spider crawling and indexing of your site content including Microsoft Office and PDF documents
  • DNN v4.9.1+
  • W3C and XHTML Compliant
  • Support multiple DNN and non-DNN sites to be indexed and includes the ability to choose which sites to search for each instance of the Search Results module
  • Link text filters - so you can filter out certain URLs from being indexed
  • NOINDEX/Ignore regions are honoured by the spider
  • Index your site using a specific DNN Role
  • Option to set the default query operator (OR/AND) and whether the search should use a Wildcard operator
  • Option to specify a Windows account for sites protected by Windows Authentication/Active Directory
  • Honours your robots.txt rules
  • Honours page META directives including "no index" and "no follow"
  • Skin object so you can include the search control directly into your skin templates
  • Easy administration with just one module installed and reused
  • Automatic spider schedule using the DNN scheduler
  • Supports multiple child portals
  • Search input box allows the user to enter a search term and just press the enter key to perform the search. Saves users having to click the search button
  • Search operators include:
    • OR, AND, NOT
  • Term modifiers include:
    • Wildcard Searches
    • Fuzzy Searches
    • Proximity Searches
    • Range Searches
    • Term Boosting
  • 12 months of free updates
  • Comprehensive user guide - download guide


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Skin Object

Search Results

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What our customers say

"This is a fantastic replacement for the Core Search (which barely works). Now users can actually search for terms and GET RESULTS! Support was fantastic when I emailed them for help with indexing (again, it worked itself out on its own, i think it just needed time to schedule and index), they responded within minutes to provide assistance." - Dave G

"We are very pleased with psSiteSearch. It has all the options we were looking for and it's working fine. Its wildcard search is great and will make the 'searching experience' much easier, especially for our less experienced colleagues. I'm also very glad it could be tailored to our wishes adding a Paging-off option. Thumbs up!!!" - D.A.J. Beerman




The Single Domain licence allows the Licensee to install this package on one DNN portal using one domain/sub-domain.

The Five Domain Licence allows the Licensee to install this package on five DNN portals using up to five different domains/sub-domains.

The Ten Domain Licence allows the Licensee to install this package on ten DNN portals using up to ten different domains/sub-domains.

Hi Does the module honour DNN roles when presenting results? Would it show results but not allow access to the item if not permitted by the role? Thanks for your time.
Hi, you can set the spider to crawl your site impersonating a role so it will show all results to a user but DNN will prevent them from viewing any content if the user doesn't belong to the role OR you can enable Role security in the search results so it will only display results which the user has access to.
Will your module index the text content within a PDF document? What is needed of the PDF to support this?
Hi, yes the module will index PDF textual content.
hello, will the system index my catalook products description as well as the rest of the site? thanks
Hi, yes the spider will index any content found on the web pages of a site so it will pick up the Catalook product descriptions if they are present on the page.
Hi Will this module search inside the contents of a pdf/word document or only the title?
Hi, this module will index the content of PDFs and Microsoft Office documents (.doc, .ppt, .xls, docx, pptx, xlsx).
Does this module require any software installed on a shared server, .e.g. other modules seem to require the PDF iFilter software
Hi, no it doesn't require the PDF filter. It will require the Microsoft office filter for the older Office format (doc, xls, ppt, etc), but this is usually part of windows server. New Office docs are indexed by the module along with PDF documents.
If I have a site with a child portal that uses a unique domain name, do I need to buy a license for each domain? For example my parent portal uses and my child portal uses
Hi, the licence covers a domain name so for your situation you would require 2 licences. Thanks.
is this compatible with DNN 6?
Hi, yes it's compatible with DNN 4.9.1 onwards including v6.
I currently have a DotNetNuke site hosted in Azure using the DotNetNuke Azure Accelerator kit. We plan on storing PDFs in azure storage using the Azure folder type in DNN. Will this search module work on Azure and will it search pdfs on Azure Storage using the Azure Folder Type in DNN?
Yes the module is now fully Azure compatible.
Does your product allow you to restrict to only search certain sites (e.g., not child sites).
Hi, this should be possible as you can add in link filters to the setup of a search profile so that any URLs found containing a pattern will be ignored. Let me know if you like any help setting this up.
Do you have the ability to render a report of any dead links that result in a 404? I am looking for a way to index my site and find all dead links within the site.
Hi, Thanks for the question. This is something we've been considering and have already started work on this feature.
****o, My name is Lillian Luo, an IT specialist in NYS OMIG. Our web site is a DNN website, and it works very well. Im' just wondering if there is a trail version of DNN Search Engine - psSiteSearch module? Thanks.
Hi, yes there's a trial of this module which you can download from here:
Hi, I've downloaded the trial version of ps Site Search x64, are there any limitations with the trial? Can i also ask, i've set the spider to crawl the site in which the the search in installed on as well as three other sites. I've set the spider to run and crawl these sites in the schedule and this has completed successfully. When i try to run the search i am given the following error: "No index files can be found. Please ensure your spider schedule is setup correctly." When i set the results for the local website it works fine without the error. Any ideas? Thank you.
Hi, Thanks for your enquiry. There are no limitations for the trial version, you just get the trial banner at the top of the page. Regarding the results not showing, have you selected the sites to return results for in the Module settings page for the Search Results module? If this site is live, we'd be happy to check the setup if you can provide login details.
****o -- Some questions about your search software: We have a number of intranet websites which we are moving to DotNetNuke. Existing pages link to documents and media on external servers, where directory browsing is disallowed. We would like search results to return results for such documents and media, much as Google Custom Search does for our internet websites. The DNN Pro SearchCrawler module suite is limited in this. For documents to be indexed, they must be stored within DotNetNuke. Or, we need to use the UNC share provider with File Manager, and change all links in Document Manager. This would mean quite a bit of work for us, so we're shopping for alternatives. -- besides pages on the DNN server, we want pages AND documents linked on named external servers to show in search results -- as the DNN Pro SearchCrawler does, we'd like it to index document content -- we'd like to be able to exclude folders in the crawl configuration, or have it obey robots.txt Can your product do this? Thanks much, John Kwasnik for the California DGS web team
Hi John, Apologies for the delay in responding to this - we aren't always getting notification from the DNN Store when a ticket is raised. Our product does let you add multiple websites to the system and then allows you to select which sites should be searched from the search results module. So i would initially say that it can work for you out of the box, but do the external resource servers have any pages which list links to these documents? Our product crawls web pages with a spider so relies on finding content in the web pages. It also supports directory crawling but these need to exist on the DNN portal it's setup on.
I have set up the search on my DNN 06.01.04 (127) website, but it only tends to index the docx files. The DOC files are not indexed. I have the latest 2010 Filters. Please tell me what I need to do to fix this. Many thanks
Hi, thanks for your enquiry. If you edit the site entry you've created and then expand the "iFilter Info" section, what you should see is an entry for "Microsoft Office Filter" and below this it will list the document extensions which it is able to process.
Can you also search for users in the database?
Our module won't do this directly but if the user profiles were accessible from a web page in a directory then the spider could find and index their details.
Hello, Is your search engine product able to index tables containing page content directly? I am using 3rd party modules which do not implement iSearchable or at least don't give me the results that I'm looking for. They do display content on my pages however. The content for these pages is stored in a dnn database in tables which I create and define the structure of. What I'm looking for is a way to index the content on the pages via the tables themselves. The tables contain information like moduleid. Can your search engine product do this? Do you have any tips on what I could do if not? Steve.
Hi Steve, Our module won't access the database directly and instead crawls your website pages using a spider. If the content is contained on a page then the spider will find and index it. Have you tried out the trial version to test it on your site?
How is the results showing, when searching in a multi language site ? Is the result only for the selected language ?
Hi, the results show any results from all languages and not the currently selected one.