Picture of Classified Pro 9.3 - eCommerce & Store & Auction & Classified Ads & Content Localization & DNN 9.2

Classified Pro 9.3 - eCommerce & Store & Auction & Classified Ads & Content Localization & DNN 9.2

posted by - 11/09/2018

                  Classified Pro 9.3 - eCommerce & Store & Auction & Classified Ads & Slideshow & Content Localization, for DNN 9.2+
    1.  Quick Links
    View User Manual   Download 60 days free trial version

     Online store demos
     1 - (A Iran store which sells perfume)
     2 -  Dnn Module store (our live store to sell DNN modules)
     3 - Dnn Module subscriber (our live store to sell portal roles)
     4. (a charity site which accepts donate and sells charity meeting tickets)
     5. (a Italy site which sells iPhone/iPad/Mobile application)
     6. (a Russian site which sells antique and rare books)
     Auction web site demos
    1. English Auction (open ascending price auction)
    2. Sealed First-price Auction (first-price sealed-bid auction)
    3. Vickrey Auction (sealed-bid second-price auction)
    4. Second Item Auction (the only 1 auction which supports more than 1 quantity of product)

    Classified Ads demos:
    1. Publish news article and photo gallery
    2 - publish real estate
    3 - publish job listings
    4 - publish automobile (car)
    5 - publish documents
    6 - Location (country, state/province, city, and town) search support   
    Note, demo 2 - demo 6 are created by our "Cross Article" module, but "Classified Pro" supports same features too. We just don't want to create same content again.

   Responsive layout support  Demo1Demo 2
   Try visit these two links with iPhone/iPad/Samsung/Android, or visit them via Firefox browser, then press Ctrl+Shift+M to simulate different device width, and check its responsive layout support.

   Slideshow demos
     1 - Show products/ads with JavaScript slideshow - "Galleria" mode
     2 - Show products/ads with JavaScript slideshow - "Pgw Gallery" mode
     3 - Show products/ads with JavaScript slideshow - "Pgw Slider" mode
     4 - Show products/ads with JavaScript slideshow - "Carousel flow gallery" mode
     5 - Show products/ads with JavaScript slideshow - "Numeric Rotator" mode
     6 - Show products/ads with JavaScript slideshow - "Bootstrap Carousel" mode
     7 - Show products/ads with JavaScript slideshow - "Unslider" mode
     8 - Show products/ads with JavaScript slideshow - "Lite Accordion" mode
     9 - Show products/ads with JavaScript slideshow - "Slidorion" mode
     10 - Show products/ads with Adobe Flash slideshow
     Note, these slideshows are created via our "Cross Photo Gallery" module, but "Classified Pro" (and also other modules of us, like "Cross Article", "Cross Video Gallery") supports same slideshow effects too.

      2.  Introduction                  
     Classified Pro is an enterprise-class DNN module which helps you to create an online store, auction website and also publish classified ads as easy as ABC. It includes 17 sub modules and 1 skin object which provide many cool features, as follows:

    1. Powerful yet easy to use, v8.x introduces a new setup wizard to guide you to configure module step by step, all you need to do is just click “Next” to follow this wizard.

    2.  Supports Auctions, Fixed Price Products (standard store), and Classified Ad listings together. All listing formats can be turned on/off and configured through the Admin Control Panel.

    3. Supports nearly all auction types, include English auction (open ascending price auction), Sealed first-price auction, Vickrey auction, and Second item auction.

    4. Sell everything on your portal (portal roles / digital files / software / physical goods / virtual items / services...etc.).

    5. Content localization support, you can publish information (products/categories/tags, etc.) with multiple languages (e.g. English, French and Chinese) in same portal.

    6. Single Seller or Multi-Seller mode, authorized users can post their own products and attach videos/audio/photos/documents with them. Also support charge commission from seller sales. Since v7.3, sellers can also receive money using their own accounts.

    7. Seller can manage his own files. Module provides two upload methods: MS Silverlight upload control (allows uploading big size files) and Java Script upload control (PC and iPhone/iPad/Android/Mobile support). Also supports automatic conversion of user uploaded videos to .flv or h.264 format..

    8. Specify discounts based products / quantity / customer / coupon / date / first buyers / user roles. Discounts can be set to global level (site level) / seller level, or to a specific product. Also support manually modify price to offer discount.

    9. Allow client uploading files with his order (or his help ticket) to the seller, also allow seller uploading files as response.

    10. Template-driven layout and design. All sub modules are template based, module already includes some built-in templates, and you can create your own templates if necessary.

    11. Responsive layout support, so in combination with responsive skins they will adjust to smartphone and tablet screens.

   12. Organize data with departments and categories. Site administrator can create unlimited custom data fields for product (listing), or disable unwanted built-in data fields. Also supports product variants (options) which allow client to choose while add product to the cart.

   13. Display products (listings) with data list, data grid, JQuery UI Tabs (26 tab style), JavaScript slideshow (11 slideshow effects), Adobe Flash slideshow.

   14. Online payment gateways include PayPal (IPN and Mass payment),, Stripe, Alipay (China), Google Checkout,  DineroMail, also supports Off-line check out via manual processing payment gateway. Recursive charge (subscribe) support.

   15. The new advanced search feature allows you to specify search conditions, you can search based every built-in data fields and also custom data fields which you create. It also fully integrates with DNN built-in search mechanism. V8.1 adds location (country, state/province, city, and town) search based customers' feedback.

   16. SEO friendly url / Google website map / Google Maps / Location (country, state/province, city, and town) / Amazon S3 file storage / DNN built-in social and journal support.

   17. RSS/Email support.

    18. There are 17 sub modules in package, but all data are manage via 1 single module (the Cp_Admin sub module), the other 16 sub modules are all used to display related data.

    19. Fully rewrote based DNN 8 framework.

      Check live demos which we list in "1. Quick Links", you can also view other showcases which are submitted by our clients at

      We strongly recommend you to download 60 days trial version at, and test it on your site (local or official) before you buy. Please read “Classified Pro user guide.pdf" before configure it.
Please note, v9.3 requires DNN 9.2+ to run. We also have other old versions which work under DNN 5.x/6.x/7.x/8.x/9.0/9.1, please check them at

3.  Module Highlights
      3.1  Auction, Fixed Price, Classified Ads, Sell/Auction everything, Content Localization, Easy of use, DNN 9.2 based

       3.1.1 Complete auction website solution, supports nearly all types of auction, and also support proxy bidding.
The standard auction is used to sell goods or services to the highest bidder. Sellers can also elect to set a “reserve” price, which will guarantee that their item will not be sold unless this minimum requested price is met, and a “buy now” price which allows buyers to bypass bidding altogether and purchase the item outright.

       Classified Pro supports nearly all types of auction, include English Auction (open ascending price auction), Sealed first-price auction, Vickrey Auction, and also Second item auction. It also supports the proxy bidding mechanism which can help bidder to save time greatly.
P1 -  Auction Detail page

P2 -  User Bidding
     Module will automatic check auction listing status every 10 minutes by default, change user bidding status and send email notification (won, not won, outbid, etc), the winner can then check out with his price. For live demo, please visit, you will have a chance to win Classified Pro module with only $150. In v8.0, it also support automatic republish expired auctions if they have no valid bidding.
        3.1.2 Create a standard online store with fixed price products.
Unlike auction listings, fixed price listings can be created for large quantities of identical items and buyers can select the number of items that they would like to purchase, similar to a standard online store..

       Visit our live store at to see how Classified Pro handles fixed price products, try buy some free modules from our site, you will see how it works.
P3 -  Fixed price product detail

       3.1.3 Publish Classified Ads, like news articles / photos / videos / audio / documents / jobs / real estate / cars...etc.
Best for advertising goods or promoting services, or posting news articles / photos / videos / audio / documents / jobs / real estate / cars...etc, Classified Ads promote communication between interested parties; but no transactions (bidding, buying, or payments) are managed through the website. Unlike traditional classified ads, online classified ads benefit from the addition of images, videos, audio, documents, and internal messages (comments, ratings, help tickets, etc).

       Visit out live demo at to see how Classified Pro handles classified ads.
P4 -  Classified Ads detail
       Please note, the Auctions, Fixed Price and Classified listings can be coexist in same site with Classified Pro. For example, visit you will see we use Classified Pro to create online store, publish auction listings and classified ads together.

      3.1.4 Sell/Auction everything in your site, include physical goods / digital files / software / portal roles / virtual services..etc
You can sell everything in your site with Classified Pro, include
       A: Physical Goods. Products which need shipping method, shipping address, shipping fee, etc.
       B. Digital files and software. Products which provide downloadable files, buyer can download these files after paid.  For example, we sell our modules on
       C. Portal Roles. Clients will be added to a certain portal roles after paid. You can also provide related download files if you want. For example, we sell our modules subscribe role on
       D. Virtual things. Other services which don't handle on site. For example, we have a customer use Classified Pro to sell World of War craft Account.

      3.1.5 Content localization support, allows you to publish information (products/categories/tags, etc.) with multiple languages (e.g. English, French and Chinese) in same portal
       Localization in DNN can be done in two different ways, Classified Pro supports both of them well. Which way to choose depends on the content of your site, and how you want to localize this content for different languages and countries.
      The simplest way to start offering your site in multiple languages is to add a portal per language. Classified Pro supports this situation easily using its setup wizard. For example, if you want to sell products to both English and Chinese customers, you can create two portals ( and, and configure two different stores on them with Classified Pro. This is the classical (old) way in DNN world.

       The second way is to offer multiple languages content in same portal. For example, publish pages/products with both Chinese and English, when Chinese customer visit your site, show Chinese content of pages/products; when English customer visit your site, show English content of pages/products. For this situation, DNN has a built-in feature (since DNN 7.0) called "Content Localization". This feature allows a site owner to duplicate a site for each desired language, and permit a seamless switch between the different languages. This is today's popular trend and we strongly recommend you to choose this way to support multiple languages.

      Classified Pro works seamless with this localization way, and it uses a elegant method to handle multiple contents. All data in Classified Pro (products/categories/attributes/tags/location/shipping method, etc.) can be localized, and you only need to focus the necessary part. For example, the product name should be translated into different languages, but product weight doesn't need to translate.  The localization mechanism in Classified Pro is straightforward and easy.

      3.1.6 Fully rewrote based DNN 9.2 framework, provides setup wizard to make it easy of use
      We rebuilt v9.1 based DNN 9.2 framework, to keep it up to date, also utilize the new features in DNN 9.2 framework (like the services framework mechanism, Ajax, form pattern). And we try our best to make this module easy of use and self-explanation. When you run module first time, it will show a setup wizard  to guide you to configure it step by step, all you need to do is click "Next" to follow wizard. It is so easy.

                                                    P6  - Setup Wizard

       3.2  Multiple Sellers, Charge commission, File management, File upload for PC and mobile, Client File Upload, Amazon S3, Video convert online/off-line, Photo watermark and thumbnail, Social and Journal

       3.2.1 Multiple sellers support and charge commission from seller sales.
       Administrator can choose roles which can publish products, specify disk quota, item count, and also limit the departments which this role can post products to.

                                          P6  - Add seller roles

       You can sell these seller roles using Classified Pro module itself, charge them based different condition (disk quota, product count, departments, product list position, etc.). Besides that, module also supports charge commission from seller sales.  For example, you can specify 20% as commission percent, so if a seller sell $1000, he will get $800, and site will get $200.

3.2.2  Seller file  manager
     Seller can manage his own folders/files. When editing his products, he can choose related files (images/videos/documents, etc) from these files. In v8.0, we rewrote the old "seller file management" control, to share the same interface as the DNN built-in "File Management"  feature. It is now fully Ajax based, and also support right popup menu. Just like site administrator can do in DNN standard  “File Management” page, seller can do same work too. Except the “Upload“ function, module provides a more powerful tools.

                                            P7 - Seller file manager

       3.2.3  Two file upload controls which support both PC and Mobile/Tablet (iPhone/iPad/Android, etc).
      Module provides two upload methods: the Ms Silverlight upload control and the JavaScript upload control.  For PC user, we recommend the Ms Silverlight control.  It allows seller to upload multiple/large size files (for example, 500mb), and it doesn't require you to change anything in site configuration.  However, if seller uses iPhone/iPad/Android which can't run MS Silverlight plug-in, he can choose the traditional JavaScript upload control, this upload control works the same as DNN built-in upload control. It is easy to use and supports drag uploading.

                         P8 - File Upload  (Ms Silverlight Upload Control).

                         P9 - File Upload  (JavaScript Upload Control).

       3.2.4  Allow client uploading files with his order (or his help ticket) to the seller, also allow seller uploading files as response.
      V8.9 allows client uploading files with his order (or his help ticket) to the seller, also allow seller uploading files as response. For example, you are selling picture processing service, a client can paid for this service, and upload related pictures to the seller, seller then processes them and upload back to the client.This is also useful to after-sales service. For example, a client buy a software but has problem to use it, he can submit a help ticket, and attach related screen shots to the seller, seller can also upload related files to the client, to guide him to fix the problem.
       When you publish classified ads, and want to gather information from users. The "Allow Uploading Files" property is useful. For example, you are publishing job listings, an interested user can submit a request (a help ticket) to a job, and upload his resume (pictures,credentials) to you.

                                                            P10 - Client upload files to his order.

     3.2.5  Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3)
    Amazon S3 provides a simple web services interface that can be used to store and retrieve any amount of data, at any time, from anywhere on the web.  You can use it easily in Classified Pro module, simple change storage type as “Amazon S3” and enter your account information.
    User share similar file manager interface like store in local. For more information about Amazon S3, check

        3.2.6    Convert user upload video to .flv or h.264(.mp4) format online
      Video is very popular in today and  module also  enables  user to upload huge video files to site. But  user may  upload different type of videos,  play these videos via normal way is too difficult. Classified  Pro solve this question by convert user upload videos to  flash video format(.flv) or H264 (.mp4 ) format, just like YouTube did.

        Below is a incomplete list which module can convert:
          1 Real Video (.rm,.rmvb)   
          2 Microsoft  Media (.wmv, .asf,.wm)
          3 Apple QuickTime(.mov)
          4 DivX/XVID/Motion Jpeg(.avi)
          5 Mpeg 1/2 encoded DVD video(.mpg,.mpeg,.mpe,.vob)
          6 Flash video (.flv,.f4b,.f4v)
          7 Mobile phone video format(.3gp,3g2)
          8 Apple/Sony mp4(.mp4,.m4a,.m4v)

                  P6  -  Video Convert

      3.2.7  Convert videos off-line
      We also provide a windows application which can convert video and capture thumbnails. Visit to download it..  

      3.2.8  Generate thumbnail & add watermark to user uploaded images.
     In v7.7, you can control whether to add watermark to user uploaded images. The watermark source can be text, or a small gif image. This is a useful feature if you want to protect your images.

                                     P7  - Watermark settings.

                               P8 - text based watermark.

                               P9 -  Gif image based watermark.
      3.2.9    Integrate with DNN built-in social and journal
    Fully integrates with DNN built-in social and journal. When publishing classified ads, author can mark them as protected, or share them between his friends / followers / social groups. It also allows you integrate with DNN built-in journal easily. When user post a product/comment, module will automatic adds related record to his journals.

                                     P11 - Integrate with journal

3.3 Department, Listing Type, Auction Type, Sell Property, Custom Attributes, Options (Variants), Google Maps, Location, Category, Manufacturer, Tax, Shipping, Tag, Promotions

      3.3.1 Product  Department (product type)  
      Product departments are top-level unit to organize data. Each department has its own categories/attributes/tags/products/tax rates.

        3.3.2 Fixed Price, Auction, and Classified Ads departments
Classified Pro supports 3 types of departments (Fixed Price, Auction, and Classified Ads). To build a standard online store, try to create at least 1 fixed price department; to build an online auction site, try to create at least 1 auction department; to publish classified ads (advertising goods or promoting services, or posting news articles/photos/videos/audio/documents/jobs/real estate/cars...etc), try create at least 1 ad department. Of course, you can create multiple departments to let Classified Pro module handle both online store, auction system, and classified ads on same site
In v8.1, the "Classified Pro Setup Wizard" will help you to create these departments easily.

       3.3.3 Auction Type (English, Sealed first-price, Vickrey, Second item) 
For auction department, you can then select its "Auction Type" from follows: English, Sealed first-price, Vickrey, Second item. Different auction type will have different auction rules, for more detail, please visit

      3.3.4 Department sell property (physical goods / digital files / portal roles / virtual things)
"Sell Property" property controls the content of departments. You can specify it to portal roles / digital files / physical goods / other virtual things to sell (publish) different products.

P15 - Department property

      3.3.5 Disable unwanted data fields
     Module has some built-in fields for product information. Like "Summary/Support/Sku/Weight/Image.......". You can control whether to use them for each department. For example, if you uncheck "Enable Sku Field" option, then when post products which belong to that department, the "Sku" field will be hidden. It also will be hidden when display in product list and detail module.  

        3.3.6 Create extra data fields (for long content)
       Besides the built-in field, each department also supports up to 5 additional fields to let you publish long content (text/html content). You can specify its title and default value. If a field is enabled, then it will display on product edit/detail interface.

        For example, we need a “Testimonials from DNN Official Store“ attributes while publish our modules. So we enable “Specification 1 “ and set its name as “Testimonials from DNN Official Store“ like below:

      After that, we can enter “Testimonials from DNN Official Store“ for our products. As follows:

        3.3.7  Create extra data fields (for short content), also can search these custom attributes.      
        Different department has different properties. For example, if you sell computer, you may want specify its "Cpu Type" / "Monitor Type"..etc. If you sell clothes, you may want to specify its "Color" / "Size" / "Material".  After create an attribute, you can then enter specific attribute values for an individual product (e.g. "Red", "Green", "Blue")..

                                  P9 -  Customize attributes.  
   Below is a list of data types you can specify for attribute:
   A.  Basic data like  string, int, decimal, date time, date, time, boolean, currency.
   B.  Special data like  email, image, url, text html.

    You can specify a list of value for attribute, user can choose one of them via drop down list / radio button list. In v7.3, we also add check box list display style to let you select multiple items from exiting value.

     After creation, these fields will be treated the same as built-in fields. You can add/edit their value, display them on product list module and product detail module. In v8.1, these custom attributes can also be used to search products. For example,
You can search products which "Color" is "Red".


      3.3.8 Create product options (variants) which allow buyer to choose while ordering
     Classified Pro supports Attributes, Options, and Variants. These concepts look similar, but in Classified Pro, they are used for different purpose. Attributes are used to create extra inter-dependant product data fields. Options and Variants are used to provide a way to allow client choosing his favorite product properties while adding to cart.  For example, when selling clothes, you can create 5 size variants (S/M/L/XL/XXL), and a buyer can choose "XL" as his favorite size while ordering.

       3.3.9  Google Maps integration, also support location (like country = USA, state/province = California)      
        In v7.5, module also integrates with Google Maps to show location of your products (listing). This is very useful when you publish map related information. For example, we have a customer use Classified Pro module to publish hotels and parks, the Google maps integration helps him a lot. In v7.7, we add a new field "Map Title" based customer feedback. In v8.1, you can also specify location properties for a product (listing). For example, country = USA, state/province = California, city = Los Angeles, town = Bell. These location properties can also be used to search products. For example, you can search listings from "California" state.

                                  P9 -  Google Maps
        3.3.10  Unlimited level categories 
        Each department has its own categories. You can add unlimited level of categories. A product can belong to multiple categories.

        3.3.11  Manufacturer
        v7.8 adds manufacturer support based clients request. We also introduce a new sub module - Cp_Product_Manufacturer to show them.

          3.3.12  Publish everything       
        With departments / categories / attributes / Tags / Google maps / Location, you can publish everything in Classified Pro. For example, we have a customer which uses Classified  Pro module to sell horse and portal roles, also publish job listing and real estates on his site.

         3.3.13  Tax rate based billing country and state / province  
       Each department has its own tax rate. You can specify different tax rate based client billing country and state / provinces.

          3.3.14  Shipping  Method
       This is vital if you want to shipping to client. Once you have created a shipping method, it can be used to calculate shipping costs based on various criteria (based shipping country / state / ship method / product weight,etc).

        3.3.15  Tags
      Each department has its own tag list.  A product can belong to multiple tags.

       3.3.16  Promotion Emails
      V6.6 add a “Campaign Newsletter“ promotion feature. You can use campaigns to easily send promotion emails to the customers that are registered on your site. This is a great way of informing your customers of new offers and keep them coming back to your store.

  Note, this is a simple email feature and can't handle too many emails (less than 500). Check our "Cross Bulk Mailer" module at if you want to send massive emails (e.g. 1, 000, 000 emails). .

      3.4  Product,  Video / Audio / Image / Document, Download, Role, Discount, Modify Price, Transaction history, Sale report, Rating, Help ticket, Comment, Watch list,

       3.4.1 Product
        A product can belong to multiple categories/tags.

       3.4.2  Related videos/audio/images/attachments/
      A product can have multiple videos/audio/images/attachments with it. If seller has disk quota, he can choose his own files to add. If his disk quota is set to 0, he can only add from external url or from embed code.  

      Take video as example,  seller can add video from his own files / external url / embed code.

                           P18 -  Add video from embed code
      As most of video sites offer embed code, seller can upload their video to these sites (like YouTube) if  he doesn't have disk quota on site, then simply copy its embed code.
     Seller can also add video from external url, like 
Especially for YouTube videos, seller can simply add its url , like Module will auto detect it and play.

      If you have multiple video/image/audio to add, instead of add them one by one, you can upload them to a folder, and choose “Add from folder“ to add them once.

                                       P13 -  Add video from  folder

          Module use the light box style to play video (or image) in product detail, whether it comes from local file, or external url, or embed code.

                     P14 -  Play video via light box style

         Note, v6.9 provides options to turn related videos/audio/documents/images off. If you don't want seller to attach related videos, you can uncheck these options to hide them.

3.4.3  Product  Downloadable Files
       If product department "Sell Property" belongs to "Software" or "Role", you can add download files to product and its options. Clients can download these files after paid.

3.4.4  Product Role
      If product department "Sell Property" belongs to "Portal Roles", you can specify a role and its valid date. Client will be added to this role after paid. You can also add download files related to this role.

      3.4.5 Site Level / Seller Level and also product specific discounts.  Set discounts based related product / order quantity / customer id / coupon code / user roles / date / first n buyers.
      Classified Pro supports 3 levels of discounts (coupons): 1. Global discounts which can be applied to all products in this site. 2. Seller common discounts, which can be applied to all products of that seller. 3. Stand alone discounts which can be applied to a single product only. Discounts can be set based related product / order quantity / customer id / coupon code / user roles / order date / first n buyers. If a client meets multiple discounts requirements, module will take the highest discount to him.

      3.4.6  Seller modify order summary to offer discount
      In most cases, the built-in discount mechanism in Classified Pro is enough. But sometimes discount is very complex and is hard to handle via program. We choose a straightforward yet useful way to solve this question  -  allow seller to modify order summary.

     Seller provides necessary information about product discount. Client can add product to cart, then submit “Discount Request“ (or by other ways, like help ticket, comment, IM, mail, phone, etc.) before check out. Seller can click “Product in cart“ to change order summary according client's request.

                             P22 -  Seller change  order summary

      3.4.7  Transaction history
      v6.4 add a option to show transaction history in product detail. For example, check you will see clients who bought our Cross Article module.

       3.4.8  Sell report
           Offer sell report via different ways.

                      P18 - Sell report

       3.4.9  Rating
        Visitor can submit rating to products. If this product is salable, then only client who bought this product can rating it. If not salable, then seller can choose roles which can submit rating.

         3.4.10 Help Ticket
         Registered user can submit help ticket to seller to get 1-to-1 help.

         3.4.11 Comment
         Seller can choose roles which can submit comment to his product.

         3.4.12  Watch list
         Registered user can add product to his watch list.

     3.5  PayPal (IPN and Mass payment),, Stripe, Alipay (China), Google Checkout, DineroMail, Manual Processing, Subscribe, Receive money using seller accounts,

        3.5.1  6 online payment gateway include PayPal / Authorize.Net / Stripe / Alipay (China) / Google Checkout / DineroMail

                   P15 -  Check out via PayPal / Authorize.Net / Stripe / Google Checkout / DineroMail
      3.5.2  Offline check out via manual check out process
      V6.2 add a new payment - Manual check out. After order, client can contact seller and pay money off-line.  Seller then change payment status from “awaiting payment “ to “paid“ and do necessary work (like shipping ) after receive money.
If seller sell digital files or portal roles, client will see download files (or be added to portal role) after seller change payment status as “paid“.   

       3.5.3 Charge recursive (subscribe) support

       V7.5 supports recursive charge (subscribe) based customer's feedback. You can provide a charge period (days/weeks/months/years), then module will automatic process.If what you sell is portal roles, then module will automatic renew role expire date after receive new subscribe payment.
      For live demo of the recursive charge (subscribe), check

       3.5.4  Using seller own accounts to receive money
       By default, module will use site defined accounts to receive all money. In v7.3, we add a option to let let seller receive money using their own accounts (PayPal, Stripe / Google checkout..etc).

     3.6  Search feature in sub modules, Basic search and advanced search, DNN built-in search integration, SEO Friendly

      3.6.1  Search feature is everywhere in all sub modules
1. Provide a stand alone sub module: Cp_Product_Search, to make search more easily.
      2. Add search function in Cp_Product_List sub module.
      3. Besides that, you can search by department/category/tag/seller/date/month by using different sub modules. Like Cp_Product_Type, Cp_Product_Category, Cp_Product_Vendor,..., etc.

      3.6.2  Basic search feature

                                                                        P22 -  Basic search
      Basic search works well if you don't have too much records.

     3.6.3  Advanced search feature to let you specify search conditions based all built-in data fields and custom attributes that you create, also support location search
                                                                        P22 -  Advanced search
      V8.1 introduces advanced search feature. It works great if you have many products (e.g, 1000 products). You can specify any search conditions you want, include all built-in data fields, like product name / price / category.. .etc.

Also support custom attributes search. For example, if you create a extra "Color" property, then you can search based it. You can even search based Location (country, state/province, city, town). For example,  search products (listings) which
"country = USA, state/province = California, city = Los Angeles, town = Bell". In one word, you can search everything with the advanced search feature in Classified Pro v8.1.

      3.6.4  Integrate with DNN built-in search mechanism
      In v8.0, we rewrote source code to based the DNN 7.2 new search api. Now Classified Pro works more effective while integrating with DNN built-in search mechanism. Visit for live demo.

      3.6.5  SEO Friendly
A:  Add product name to page title while view its detail.
      B:  Automatic add  product title and its tag to page  “keywords” 
      C:  Provide a option “Enable seo friendly url“. If this option is checked, module will generate product detail page url use its title. We strongly recommend client to enable this option if your site is English.

      3.7  Show products with list / grid / JQuery Tabs / JavaScript slideshow / Flash slideshow, Template-driven layout and design, Responsive layout, Controllable,  Permission, Mail, Google web site map, RSS           

         3.7.1 Show products (listings, ads) with data list, data grid, JQuery Tabs, Flash slideshow, JavaScript slideshow
  Products (listings, ads) can be shown with data list, data grid, and Flash Slideshow. In v8.0, we introduce another sub module: Cp_Product_Slideshow, to allow you show products with JavaScript slideshow.
Currently Cp_Product_Slideshow sub module supports 11 slideshow mode: 1. Galleria 2. Numeric Rotator 3. Bootstrap Carousel 4. Carousel Flow Gallery 5. Unslider 6. Lite Accordion 7. Slidorion. 8. Pgw Gallery 9. Pgw Slider, 10. Owl Carousel, 11. Revolution Slider
Check live demo at  

                                 P20 -  Carousel flow gallery slideshow

                                 P21 -  Unslider slideshow
      In v8.6, we introduce a new sub module: Cp_Product_ListTab, to show products with JQuery tabs, and it supports up to 26 tab style, check for its live demo.

    3.7.2  Template-driven layout and design
     There are 16 sub modules in this package. Except the Cp_Admin module (which is used to manage all data) , the other 15 sub modules are fully template based. There are some built-in template in package, you can try save a copy and modify them, then choose them as your display.

                   P19 -  Template list
     3.7.3 Responsive Layout
You can choose some specific existing templates (like ProductList_Responsive.ascx file) which based responsive layout, so in combination with responsive skins they will adjust to smartphone and tablet screens. Or you can create other templates according to your responsive skin, to make them look better. For live demo, please visit with PC / iPhone / iPad, or visit it using Firefox, then press ctrl+shift+m, check its layout under different resolution
      For example, you can choose to show 4 items per row in PC which has big screen width (e.g, 1900 *1200)

        P22 - Responsive layout - normal

       When visit with mobile which has small screen width (e.g, iPhone 320 * 480), module will automatic switch to 1 item per row to fit screen width:

P19 - Responsive layout - for iPhone 320 * 480
        When visit with tablet (e.g, iPad 768 * 1024), module will automatic switch to 2 items per row to fit screen width.

We have helped a lot customers to create responsive templates before, feel free to contact us if you need more details.

         3.7.4  Controllable
         Module offers more than 1000 options to control the layout and functions. Take Cp_Product_List sub module as example:

                    P20 -  Cp_Product_List settings
    By using these options, you can achieve different layout and functions as your wish. For example:

   1. Display multiple product in one row, and allow visitor select sort method, item per page.

      2. Display 1 product per row

       3. Display via grid

     4. Show "Order Now" and "Add Cart" button in product list

    5. Product detail style_Flickr

    6. Product detail style_Sunny

    3.7.5 Permissions 
     You can control roles which can
     1. Post product and upload files.
     2. Manage product / category / site sell / product seller..etc.
     3. View product. Note, each product can has its view settings.
     4. Rating product. Note, each product can has its rating settings.
     5. Post comment. Note, each product can has its comment settings

      3.7.6 Mail integration 
      Mail is everywhere in this module .Whenever client submit a bidding, won a listing, place a order, submit help ticket, post rating, request discount..., module will send related mail to  store administrator / seller / client. 

       3.7.7  Integrate with Google web site map
        As we know, DNN provide a web site map which can be submitted to Google web master tools to let Google index your site more easily. By default, DNN only list your web pages as site map urls. In v7.4, we provide a option to let Classified Pro module also include your product in web site map urls. It is a must do action if you want to your products be searched more easily.

                                             P39 -  Classified pro site map provider
    Check you will see our products are listed on web site maps. This increase our site traffic remarkable since we resubmitted these changes to Google web masters tools.

     3.7.8   RSS 
      RSS is everywhere in this module, you can subscribe by department / category / seller / module / month / tag. For example, try visit ProductRss.aspx?ProductTypeId=1  to  view our RSS. 

    3.8  Centralized Manage, Online help, Security assure, Localization, Bulk edit
        3.8.1  Manage all data in 1 module
There are  17 sub-modules and 1 skin object in Classified Pro 8.x. But all data (departments / categories / attributes / products/ order / rating / comments....) are managed via 1 module - the Cp_Admin sub module. Other 16 sub modules are all used to display related content. 

       3.8.2  Online help is everywhere, self-explanation
        Instead of write long and complicated help document to explain every detail of this module, we choose to integrate these information directly into module interface.

      And we also provide as detail as necessary information through DNN standard way. Whenever you feel confusion, click the left help button of field, you will see more detail information. Like below:

                                    P45 -  Field help

  Security assure
      Check user input to prevent malice damage (like sql injection, script include,etc). Module also provides security code to prevent comment Spam.

     3.8.4 Two built-in language packages (English and Simple Chinese)
     v7.6 contains two language packages  - English and Simple Chinese. You can create other languages by using DNN standard localization feature. If you like,please send us a copy of your localization package at
[email protected], we appreciate of your support.

     3.8.5  Bulk edit / delete
     You can select multiple items by simply click the header check box of grid, then bulk edit / delete them as your wish.

4.  Sub modules and skin object
There are  17 sub-modules and 1 skin object in Classified Pro v9.3 package:      

        1. Cp_Admin sub module
        Provides all manage functions. In most cases, you only need 1 instance per portal.

     2. Cp_Product_List sub module
      Show products with data list or data grid, like  below:

     3. Cp_Product_ListDashboard sub module
     Show featured products via Adobe Flash slideshow
    4. Cp_Product_Slideshow sub module
     Show featured products with JavaScript slideshow:
        5. Cp_Product_AccountLink sub module
      Display module quick link, like below:

        6. Cp_Product_Archive sub module
        Display date/month navigation for product list.

        7. Cp_Product_Category sub module
       This module  is used to  display  product categories, supports  two  display style:  List and Tree.

        8. Cp_Product_Detail sub module
        Display  product details, 

      9. Cp_Product_Search sub module
      Provide search  functions for product list

      10. CP_Product_Tag sub module
      Display product tag list,support tag cloud style

       11. Cp_Product_TagDashboard sub module
       Display tag list via flash

        12. Cp_Product_Type (product department) sub module
        Display product department (type)  list

        13. Cp_Product_MiniCart sub module
        Mini cart for Classified Pro, you can increase/decrease product quantity or delete it.

       14. Cp_Product_Vendor sub module
         Display seller list

       15. Cp_Product_Manufacturer sub module
         Display product manufactures.
       16. Cp_Product_ListTab sub module
        show products (listings) with JQuery UI Tabs. Each tab is corresponding to a category, module will display products which belong to each category as tab content.

       17. Skin object
      Module also provides a skin object, it works the same as Cp_Product_AccountLink sub module. But as it is a skin object, it can be integrate into your site skins easily. Use it as follows:

      A.Register it in your skin:

      B: Put it to into your skin content as your wish, like below:


        For live demo of skin object, check

  5.   Try before you buy
        We strongly recommend you to try this module before you buy. You can 
    1.  View our live store at Try buy some free modules to test it online.
    2.  Download 60 days trial version and user guide document at Note, please read “Classified Pro 8.9 user guide.pdf” before configure your store.

 6. Version history

    v9.3 (released on 11/10/2018)
    1. Cp_Product_VendorProfile sub module added based customers' feedback.

    v9.2 (released on 8/6/2018)
    1. PayPal Mass payment support.

    v9.1 (released on 7/6/2018)
    1. Rewrote based DNN 9.2 platform

  v9.0 (released on 3/10/2017)
   1.Social sharing support. Classified ads now can be marked as protected, or share between author's friends / followers / social groups.
    2.Option to hide the Ms Silverlight file upload control.
    3.New "User Id Mapping" option to show user products in DNN user profile page.
    4.New "Group ID Mapping" option added to show ads (listings) in DNN group detail page.
    5.Using the site avatar photo as the seller default photo.
    6.Improve the data grid align.
    7.Test under DNN 9.

    v8.9 (released on 9/4/2016)
     1. Allow client uploading files to his order (or his help ticket), also allow seller uploading files as response.
     2. Now help ticket can be deleted by the client (or the seller).
     3. UI improvement based customers' feedback.

    v8.8 (released on 4/18/2016)
     1. Auction time countdown feature added.
     2. Allow administrator to choose JQuery UI tab css in Cp_Admin sub module.
     3. UI improvement based customers' feedback.
     4. New templates for Cp_Product_Detail sub module.

    v8.7 (released on 2/17/2016)
     1. Rebuild based DNN 8 platform.
     2. Provide another JavaScript upload control to allow seller upload digital files.
     3. Upgrade image light box popup library, to support new version browsers.

   v8.6 (released on 1/27/2016)
     1. Alipay (China) payment gateway support.
     2. Cp_Product_ListTab sub module added (show products with JQuery UI Tabs).
     3. Product variants support which allow client choosing his favorite properties while ordering.
     4. Over 20+ JQuery UI CSS packages added.

    v8.5 (released on 10/31/2015)
     1. More PayPal languages.
     2. Simply the department creation process.
     3. Shipping status support.
     4. More help information.

  v8.4 (released on 5/18/2015)
     1. Improve load speed (now runs 20% fast than before)..
     2. Introduce another upload control (JavaScript based which supports iPhone/iPad/Android/Mobile and PC).

    v8.3 (released on 4/13/2015)
     1. Content localization support.
     2. Source code refactoring.
     3. 2 new slideshow effects.
     4. Over 15+ minor improvements based customers’ feedback.  Like split Cp_Admin sub module, submit product name to PayPal, min sell quantity, seller favorite shipping address, etc.

     1.  Auction start / end hour (minute) support based customer’s feedback.
     2.  New slideshows effects (“Pgw Gallery” and “Pgw Slider”) added.
     3.  Sku search support.
     4. Other minor improvements based customers’ feedback. 

    1.    Rebuild based DNN 7.3.0.
     2.    Setup wizard added.
     3.    Stripe payment gateway support.
     4.    Custom attributes search support.
     5.    Site level discounts and seller level discounts support.
     6.    Location support.
     7.    More slideshow effects.   

    1. Rebuild based DNN 7.2.
    2. Cp_Product_Slideshow sub module support.
    3. Rewrote user file management control with Ajax support.     
    1. Auction system support.
    2. Classified Ads support.
    3. User Role discount support.

    1. Upgrade to DNN 7.x platform.
    2. Discount support.
    3. DNN built-in journal support.     
  4. New sub module - Cp_Product_Manufacturer.


7. Compatibility
   DNN version: DNN 9.2+
   Database: Ms sql server 2008/2012/2014/2016/2017, or Ms  sql server express 2008/2012/2014/2016/2017

8. Upgrade discount

      All modules from are customer-driven, v9.3 is the 43th generation of this product. We have received many suggestions from our customers since the first release, this module can't be making out without customers help . 

      Customers who bought v9.0/9.1/9.2 before can get 100% free upgrade discount. Customers who bought other old versions can get 80% upgrade discount, please mail us at [email protected], provide your previous order detail, and we will specify related discount to you.

9. Help and support
     Read the user guide.pdf in the package to see how to use this module
     Click the online help link  in DNN label to learn its meaning
     Using the  DNN Store help tickets system to submit your  question.
     Visit our support forum  for more specific problem solution.
     Mail us at [email protected] if you need more directly assistance (or if you have any improvement suggestion).
     Add our Skype account ([email protected]) for more direct communication.

10. Version Difference

Standard  Enterprise Enterprise + Source
Private Assembly Yes  Yes Yes
Module Source No  No Yes
DNN Site Installation 1 site    Unlimited sites Unlimited sites