Picture of Animated Content Popup (Responsive with Cookie)

Animated Content Popup (Responsive with Cookie)

posted by DnnDeveloper.In - 04/12/2018

Popup module is the easy way to show the popup with your content. It has the wide variety of configuration settings to control the layout of the model popup. It has the option to show popup only if the visitor has not seen.

  • It offers to reach text editor to inject the content through you can show an image or content advertisement, embedded video or another webpage as an iframe or the notification and messages.
  • The cookie-based model popup can be set to appear after a certain interval of time and also hides when the user returns to your web page by tracking cookies.
  • It has wide choices for the transition effect and layout of model popup that included, position of model, color and the size of the popup window.

back-end form email settings



back-end form email settings





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Compatible with DNN Version 7.X, 8.X, 9.X