Picture of Xile v2.4.0 - jQuery File Upload for XMod Pro

Xile v2.4.0 - jQuery File Upload for XMod Pro

posted by Reflect Media Group LLC - 11/21/2014

Meticulously Crafted

XILE is a powerful single and multiple file upload control
exclusively for use within XMod Pro Forms.

Installation comes with a ready-to-use form and template to get you started quickly!

Local or Cloud Storage

You can specify unique settings for each instance of Xile within your form(s). Xile currently supports local, Amazon AWS S3, and Windows Azure File storage!

Xile comes packed with Image Resizer, allowing you to specify multiple versions for images. For example, on upload Xile can create a thm_filename.jpg, sm_filename.jpg, md_filename.jpg, lg_filename.jpg, and filename.jpg!

Auto File Versioning

Set Xile's mode property to "Document Management" to create a file versioning system. You can specify a rootname via the "DMRootname" property as well as a suffix with the "DMSuffix" property. When the same filename is detected Xile will auto-increment the filename for you. Utilize field tokens in the DMRootname and DMSuffix if desired.

Auto Unarchiving

By setting the ZipMode property to "Unarchive" Xile will automatically unzip ZIP files on upload!

Drag and Drop files here...

That's right... Xile comes with Dropzone!

Completely Customizable

Every design aspect of Xile can be customized according to your needs!

You have complete control over the buttons, their classes, text, icons, which to show or hide. You can add your own class to the outer wrapper of the control as well.


XMod Pro v4.5.3+ v4.0+

DNN v6.0+

jQuery v1.6+

jQuery UI v1.9+

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$79.95 $99.95 $199.95
Install License 1 DNN Installations, Unlimited Portals 3 DNN Installations, Unlimited Portals Unlimited DNN Installations within a single Company
(minor and major versions)
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