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Smart Suite

posted by Puresec ICT - 08/25/2020

PureSec ICT has built a suite of quality modules for DNN that are commonplace on most websites. Checkout our website for details on all our modules.


A- Z Links combines simplicity
of use with great performance.
Alphabetically arranges links
on your site - with or without
the alphabetical headings. 
Links can be displayed
using an image or hyperlink. 
Smart Contacts allows you to 
list the contact information of 
either people or companies on 
your website.  Social media 
icons link to their facebook/
twitter/Linkedin pages and a 
direct link to their website.
Displayed in a drop down list 
with a photo or logo. Includes 
gallery and google map 
Smart Downloads allows you 
to display a list of downloadable
documents, along with an 
image and description on your
website.  Includes an optional
summary/random setting that 
links to the full version elsewhere
on the site and updates 
automatically when the main 
module is updated.
Smart Announce allows you to
display news or announcement
items on your website with a 
summary version that links to 
the full version elsewhere on the 
site.  Summary version updates
automatically from the main 
module.  0 or more attachments
can be added along with start 
and end dates for the 
Display guest comments on your 
website with this easy to use
module.  Flexible and able to 
be customised, making it suitable
for displaying reviews or ratings 
for any product or service.
Smart Quiz/FAQ allows you to 
display questions and answers 
in either Quiz mode or as FAQ.
In Quiz mode correct answers 
are displayed in red and a try
again response shows for any
incorrect answers.  In FAQ mode
answers are displayed as a drop
down when you hover over the