Picture of Smart Calculator 5.0(Calcualtor Form builder // Data save // Export to CSV // Email Notification)

Smart Calculator 5.0(Calcualtor Form builder // Data save // Export to CSV // Email Notification)

posted by ZLDNN.COM - 04/25/2018

Now it can work with DNN 9.2

Smart Calculator

Smart Calculator allows you to easily create calculating forms for your web site.

Living Demo:

 It supports chart:

  • User can view saved records in chart.
  • Admin can enable chart and set chart title and size.
  • You can set the chart label and data fields.




Three type variable: integer, decimal and selection.

Set default value for a variable.

Set range for a variable.

Set view order for a variable.

Set title and help text for a variable.


Support almost all math functions.

l         Operators such as +,-,*,/,^

l         Functions such as: abs, exp, log,log10, sign,sqrt

l         Trigonometry functions such as atan, sin, cos, tan.

l         Logical function IIF.

An expression can be a variable in another expression.

The module can check expressions to avoid circle calculating.

Set view order for an expression.

Set title and help text for an expression.

The result of expression can be numerical or text.

Set the format of calculating result.

Other fields:

Text: text or html.

Split: horizantal line to split fields.

TextBox: help you to collect other information such as name,email address etc.


Set the css of title label.

Set the width of title label.

Set the css of calculating result.

Set the width of enter box.

Set the css of submit button.

Set the text of submit button.

Result Export: You can export result to a html file.

Email notify:

Calculating result can be submitted to an email address that is defined by admin.

User can send the calculating report via email.

Report Template: admin can define the template of generated report.

Other features:

Import/Export: you can clone a calculator from one site to another easily.

Examples: there are several examples in the module.


1 Portal License Standard Edition Professional Edition Enterprise Edition
Private Assembly Yes Yes Yes Yes
C# Source No No No Yes
Installation License 1 production DNN Protal
1 test Portal
1 production DNN installation
1 test installation
Multiple portals installation within your enterprise portals Unlimited
Redistribution Not permitted Not permitted Not permitted Not permitted