Picture of Simple DNN Two Factor Authentication (2FA) - 04.03.03

Simple DNN Two Factor Authentication (2FA) - 04.03.03

posted by IowaComputerGurus Inc. - 05/17/2023

With security a huge concern in modern times for all users, we introduce the Simple 2 Factor Authentication Provider.  By replacing the standard DNN Login process we are able to introduce 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) to further secure access to your installation.  The implementation with this provider is a Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solution as you are still required to utilize a traditional password before starting the 2FA process.

Key features include.

  • Ability to define by role memberships those that are required to complete 2 Factor Authentication.  Keep admin features secure, but don't complicate regular user login!
  • Ability to customize the duration of the provided two-factor authentication code.
  • Support for content localization
  • Delivery of 2 Factor Authentication Codes in the following methods
    • Email
    • SMS (Requires a Twilio API Account)
  • Ability to require different 2FA rules for Super Users compared to other user types

For a demo, feel free to contact our team at [email protected]