Picture of Scroll Controller Pro 8.0

Scroll Controller Pro 8.0

posted by ZLDNN.COM - 03/29/2018

It can work with DNN 6, 7,8,9 including DNN 9.2

Living Demo :

28 Scroll Bar Themes :

Now it can scroll any DIV in a module.

28 Themes for manual scroll bar.

Scroll Controller Pro 7.0 is based on DNN 6.1. It uses JQuery to replace marquee tag. It can work with the most recent DotNetNuke.



  • Control multi-modules in one controller. One instance is enough for each page.
  • Adding scroll bar dynamically by selecting "Manually" type in "Scroll Setting".
  • Automatically hide itself.
  • Add marquee to existing module dynamically.
  • Support almost any type modules.
  • No need modify Dotnetnuke core.
  • No additional database table.
  • No additional database procedure.
  • Independent of database provider.
  • Use SectionHeadControl to save space of edit page.


  • Size of scroll zone
  • Scroll Delay
  • Scroll Direction
  • Scroll Behavior


1 Portal License Standard Edition Professional Edition Enterprise Edition
Private Assembly Yes Yes Yes Yes
C# Source No No No Yes
Installation License 1 production DNN Protal
1 test Portal
1 production DNN installation
1 test installation
Multiple portals installation within your enterprise portals Unlimited
 Free Upgrade  3 months  6 months  12 months  12 months
Redistribution Not permitted Not permitted Not permitted Not permitted