Review Dispute Resolution

In most cases, ratings and reviews will always be displayed once they are posted. Please use the steps below to assist with requests for changes to a rating or review.

Review Dispute Resolution Steps

Steps for Sellers
  1. Contact the buyer - Send them an e-mail or create a Help Desk ticket
  2. Inquire about a possible change - Also, offer buyer assistance in regards to their review
Steps for Buyers
  1. Contact the seller - Send them an e-mail them or create a Help ticket to get assistance from the seller (Use the [Help] link next to the product on your My Downloads page)
  2. Inquire about a possible change - Also, request assistance in regards to your review
Review Guidelines Violations

If you think that a review content violates the Review Guidelines:

  1. Send an e-mail to [email protected] and include the following information:
    • Product Name
    • Customer Name
    • Description of violation
    • Your contact information; to be sent to the buyer/seller
  2. Some or all of the content (Rating, Comments, or Reply) may be temporarily not displayed until the buyer and seller resolve the dispute
  3. The other party will be notified of the removal and given your contact information to assist with resolving the violation claim
Review Not Posted

Have questions why your review may not have been posted?

  1. Check your review after reading the Review Guidelines and Terms of Use
  2. Contact the other party to get information about a possible violation
  3. You may choose to change the review content after getting information from the other party
  4. Once the dispute or possible violation is resolved, have the other party send e-mail to: [email protected]

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