Picture of Redirect Toolkit 5 - Redirects, Segmentation and Workflow Builder

Redirect Toolkit 5 - Redirects, Segmentation and Workflow Builder

posted by DNN Sharp - 04/04/2018

Segmentation and Workflows for DNN

Redirect Toolkit has got them all: user redirects, roles redirects, mobile redirects, variable redirects, random A/B testing redirects and a dozen more.


This product will not be offered for sale as a separate product after September 30, 2021. It is incorporated into our AppBuilder platform, which is the next generation of our DNN Sharp products. It combines the power of all of our products to provide a full environment for Low-Code development. If you are interested, we’ll be happy to discuss how you can learn more about the new product and the migration path from individual DNN Sharp tools.

Accelerates Sales

With Redirect Toolkit you can accelerate the buying process for your leads using redirects by means of personalization.

Funnel Paths

Redirect Toolkit allows you to create custom funnel paths on your DNN portal and drives conversions through the roof on the fly.

Additional Actions

Redirect Toolkit performs additional actions on redirect, such as logout user before redirect, count redirects, log redirects, save referres and many more.


DNN: See Compatibility Matrix SQL Server 2012+ (including msde and express editions) ASP.NET 4.5.2 IIS 7.0+ Plant an App/AppBuilder

Powerful Features That Put You In Control
  • Local or Global Evaluation

    Rules can be configured to be evaluated only for the page where the Redirect Toolkit module was added or they can be configured to be evaluated for all pages/requests

  • Redirects by IP Geo Location

    Redirect Toolkit integrates with (recommended) and to support redirects based on geographical information

  • Redirects by Parameters

    Redirect users based on parameters passed to current request in GET Query String, POST Data or Browser Cookies.

  • Redirects by Referrer

    Redirect users based on the website they came from

  • Redirects by User

    Redirect users by matching criteria in their profile (such as First Name, Email Address or any Profile Property)

  • Redirects by Role

    Redirect user by targeting roles they belong to

  • Redirects by View Count

    Redirects are matched against the page view count (this is actually maintained by Redirect Toolkit per rule and it represents how many times the rule was evaluated)

  • Redirects by Browser

    This type of redirect provides a large number of options to target specific browsers, browser versions, mobile devices, browser capabilities, Operating System and so on.

  • Redirects by Date and Time

    Use date picker control to select date periods when redirect should happen. Or create redirects based on time of day or day of week.

  • Redirects by Host

    Redirects are matches against current URL (either the domain name or full URL)

  • Random Redirects

    The random is specified as a probability, so for high traffic this allows redirecting a percentage of users.

  • Redirect by SQL Result

    Run an SQL Query, evaluate the result and redirect based on that

  • Temporary & Permanent Redirects

    Regardless of their type, Redirect Rules can be ordered so that the first rule that matches selected criteria for current user is executed

  • Wide Range of Operators

    Each Redirect Type exposes a number of properties. Each property supports several operators that can match strings, compare numbers, run regular expressions, match substrings and more

  • My Tokens Integration

    If MyTokens is installed, Redirect Toolkit will call it to replace tokens in value and URL fields

  • Redirect To URL or Portal Page

    A Redirect Rule can be configured to redirect either to a user provided URL or an existing page from the portal

  • Clone Redirect Rules

    Using this function makes it fast to create many redirects that are similar

  • Redirect Rule Precedence

    Regardless of their type, Redirect Rules can be ordered so that the first rule that matches selected criteria for current user is executed.

  • Support to POST to target URL

    Redirect Toolkit allows specifying POST data that will be sent to target URL using POST. My Tokens can be used in POST data to basically pass anything you can think of

  • Add/Remove Roles

    If user is logged in, this option grants/removes the selected security roles. This is a very powerful option to enforce workflows

  • Keep on Page

    This option allows for creating exception rules in Redirect Toolkit to prevent other Redirect Rules to match down the stack. So the user stays on current page

  • Count Redirects

    Redirect Toolkit allows tracking how many times each redirect was executed.

  • Log Redirects

    Redirect Toolkit provides logging capabilities per rule, so it can give a detailed report of what users where affected by each rule

  • Reporting Framework

    Redirect Toolkit can be easily extended with new reports which are generated from SQL queries

  • Save Referrer

    Before the Redirect is executed, Redirect Toolkit can save the referrer for you in Browser Cookies or Server Session so you can reference it at a later time (for example, by using it in conjunction with My Tokens)

  • Save Custom Values

    This option allows saving any value in Cookies/Session/User Profile just as Save Referrer function, except you can save anything (especially using My Tokens integration)

  • DNN JavaScript Redirects with Countdown Timer

    Redirect Toolkit can be configured to redirect user either from the Server Side or from JavaScript after a number of Seconds have elapsed. Additionally, a countdown timer can be displayed on screen

  • Option to Logout User

    Redirect Toolkit can be instructed to logout user before doing a redirect

  • Option to Login User

    Supply a username and password and the user will be automatically logged in using these credentials before doing the redirect

  • Unregister User

    This additional action allows users to unregister from the site

  • Create Custom Redirect Types

    Redirect Toolkit has a decoupled interface that, based on configuration files, it loads redirect types dynamically (even from external assemblies), therefore making possible to extend or even remove condition types

  • Create Custom Actions

    Redirect Toolkit has a decoupled interface for additional actions too, loading actions at runtime based on configuration. This is where you'll want to extend Redirect Toolkit most

  • Create Custom Operators

    Redirect Toolkit operators handle most common scenarios, but when more is need it also has a decoupled interface for operators too that allows extending it with new operators or rewire existing ones

Still Wondering What Redirect Toolkit Can Do For You?
  • Build segmentation and workflows
  • Build A/B Split testing using random redirects
  • Build an affiliate program basd on refferer
  • Show a special page when not during work hours using date/time redirects
  • Prompt users to update their user profile if it becomes obsolete using arbitrary logic
  • Customize home page based on role
  • Redirect devices and browsers to specialized pages using our capability based redirects
  • Redirect to specific page based on geo location
  • Remember user last viewed page and offer personalized experience
  • And much more. The only limit is imagination!
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