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PureSec ICT Smart Contacts

posted by Puresec ICT - 08/23/2020

PureSec ICT has built a suite of quality modules for DNN that are commonplace on most websites. Checkout our website for details on all our modules.

Smart Contacts allows you to list the contact information of either People or Companies on your website.


  • The contacts are displayed in a drop down list (can be ordered to your preference) with their name
    and photo (or logo). 
  • Contacts can be categorised and then selected for display under particular categories or Show All.
  • On selection their contact details,with all relevant fields display in a pop up,
  • Social media icons for direct access to their facebook/twitter or Linkedin page.
  • Direct link to their website (where relevant).
  • Includes a gallery for additional photos or videos.
  • Includes Google Maps function
  • Adding, Editing and viewing Contacts controlled via manage contacts.

***Australian Made

Download trial version and user guide here: