Picture of Platinum ICG Modules & DNN/Evoq Ad-Hoc Support Services

Platinum ICG Modules & DNN/Evoq Ad-Hoc Support Services

posted by IowaComputerGurus Inc. - 11/17/2021

With this package, you get access to all of the IowaComputerGurus commercial modules with a corporate use license and all upgrades to these modules for a period of one year from the date of purchase.  This includes our

  • Simple DNN 2 Factor Authentication
  • IP Based Login
  • External Database Authentication
  • And any newly released extensions

Platinum customers will receive priority with any bug reports for resolution.

DNN/Evoq Support

As part of this offering, IowaComputerGurus will provide on an ad-hoc basis system support for DNN Platform/Evoq through our customer support portal at  Users will have the option of purchasing 40, 60, or 80-hour time blocks to be used within the calendar year, billed in 1/4 hour increments.

Support Response guaranteed 4 business hours.