Picture of Page Cache DNN module - psPageCache

Page Cache DNN module - psPageCache

posted by Pure Systems - 11/05/2014


DNN Page Caching Module

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psPageCache - DNN Page Caching Module

Why use psPageCache?

  • Easy to install - psPageCache simply plugs into DNN v6 to v9
  • psPageCache comes with a Page Settings interface and an easy to use admin module, enabling the management of page cache settings en-masse
  • Both file cache and memory cache options are available for more flexibility
  • Options to specify querystring parameters to enable page caching based on querystring differences
  • 12 months of free updates
  • Comprehensive user guide - download guide

Enhancing Perfomance

psPageCache - DNN Page Caching Module

Loading times getting your customers down? Turbo charge your DNN website with psPageCache, a DNN page caching module.

If you are looking for a quick and super effective way to enhance the performance of your DNN website then why not try our DNN page caching module - psPageCache. Easy to install and setup, psPageCache utilises and enhances the powerful in-built DNN page caching features to turbo charge your DNN website. psPageCache enables you to choose between file and memory based caching on a 'per page' basis, which means you can specify which parts of your website need a super boost.

How does psPageCache work?

psPageCache - DNN Page Caching Module

psPageCache works by creating and storing a cached HTML version of every page on whichever DNN website it is installed on.

Instead of the CMS having to access the database each time a page is loaded, this cached version is sent back to the user instead. This drastically reduces the waiting times for users as there is no need to re-build the page from the database for every page request.

psPageCache can store the cached page as a file or in memory, depending on what is required. So, why wouldn't you want to use psPageCache?


The Single Domain licence allows the Licensee to install this package on one DNN portal using one domain/sub-domain.

The Three Domain Licence allows the Licensee to install this package on three DNN portals using up to three different domains/sub-domains.