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Magic Link Authentication

posted by Celestify - 10/07/2022

πŸ”’ Upgrade Your Site's Security and User Experience!

Say goodbye to the days of forgotten passwords, risky password management, and tedious security questions.

Introducing the DNN Magic Link Authentication Provider, a modern solution to elevate the security and user-friendliness of your platform.

🌟 Swift & Secure

Let your users log in with a single click! Once they enter their email, they'll receive a one-time magic link to securely log in.

🌟 Enhanced Security

Eliminate the risks associated with traditional password practices. With magic links, there are no passwords to guess, hack, or compromise.

🌟 User-Centric

Enhance user experience by saying farewell to password fatigue and the irritation of forgotten logins.

🌟 Timely Validity

Each magic link remains valid for just 5 minutes, ensuring the window for unauthorized access is minimal.

🌟 Smooth Integration

Works seamlessly with your site's existing SMTP settings, ensuring a hassle-free setup and operation.

🌟 Auto-Clean Feature

No need to worry about old magic links. Our system deletes them upon successful login or when they expire. Plus, you can set up a scheduled task to automatically purge expired links.

🌟 Optional Sign-Up

Offer your users the flexibility to sign up directly via the magic link, streamlining the registration process.

🌟 Customizable Email Content

Gain full control over your magic link email's subject and body, tailoring it perfectly to match your brand voice and message.


πŸ’Ό Why Upgrade to Passwordless Login?

In a digital world teeming with cybersecurity threats, offering your users a secure and streamlined way to access your platform is paramount. The DNN Magic Link Authentication Provider is not just a tool, but a statement – that you prioritize both user experience and robust security.

ℹ️ Documentation

Click here to view the documentation for this DNN module.