Listing Removal

The Store is dedicated to protecting its users from purchasing counterfeit or otherwise unauthorized items through the web site. However, because The Store is generally unable to determine whether a particular item on the site is authorized or not, The Store has reached out to intellectual property rights owners for their help.

Why was my listing removed?

When your listing was ended, you should have received an email explaining why your listing was removed. If the email stated that your listing was removed at the request of a another developer or company, then we removed the listing because that rights owner identified your listing, under penalty of perjury, as offering an item or containing material that infringes their intellectual property rights.

The email didn't provide me with any information as to why the rights owner believes my item is infringing. Isn't this required?

Unfortunately, The Store cannot require the rights owner to provide you with the exact reason of the request to remove your listing. However, we do require the owner to provide an email address you can use for direct contact. This address should be included in the email we sent to you notifying you your listing had been removed.

What can I do if I think the rights owner made a mistake?

If you believe that your listing was removed in error, we encourage that you first try to contact the rights owner directly. (The email we sent to you notifying you your listing had been removed should have included the rights owner's email address.) Only the rights owner understands its products and intellectual property rights.