Listing Creation Guidelines

Guidelines for Creating a Listing

You are ultimately responsible for the legality of any item you offer for sale on The Store and the listing describing that item. Your listing may be removed from The Store if it violates the site policy or is reported to by an intellectual property rights owner as violating its rights. Repeated violations can lead to the suspension of your account.

Please understand that the following are not intended to constitute legal advice. The Store cannot be an expert in the specific intellectual property concerns regarding each item, and we cannot offer specific advice. If you have specific questions about the legality of your item, you should consult an intellectual property attorney.

Make Sure The Listing Info Is Accurate

You should make sure that all statements and claims in your listing are true and complete. If you're not sure if a statement you want to make is true, double check it.

Making sure your listing is accurate and complete as it will help buyers understand what they are buying, eliminate miscommunication that might lead to a poor customer satisfaction and negative feedback, and help avoid copyright and intellectual property concerns.

Create Your Own Listing Content

You should avoid "borrowing" text or images from another listing on The Store, another web site, or other sources without specific permission from the owner. Copyright laws apply to the Internet, and manufacturers or other copyright owners may object to the use of text or images that they own or created.

Listing names should be unique. Variations or derivatives of an existing listing name may also be subject to review. To avoid potential problems, it is suggested to review existing listing names and make sure your listing name is as unique as possible.

Avoid using text and images in your listing names and descriptions which other parties hold a registered trademark.

You should write your own descriptive text for your listing. Create your own image(s) for your listing.

Inappropriate and Restricted Content

Content that is deemed inappropriate can be removed without notice. Inappropriate content can be any content that could be offensive to the users of the site.

The Store encourages developers to find creative ways to market their listings using content added to the site. A list of restricted content that cannot be added to the site is listed below. This list may be added expanded at any time without notice and content that includes item in this list will be removed without notice.

Restricted content list:

  • r= (in URLs)
  • IFRAME tag
  • OBJECT tag
  • EMBED tag
  • javascript
  • vbscript
  • Links to CSS files
New Listings for New Products or Versions

A new listing should be posted only for new products or a new version of an existing product. A new listing should not be created for a existing product.

The site is monitored to ensure new listings are for new products or new versions. Other developers also report possible instances where a new listing is created for a existing product. Vendors that create a new listing for an existing product may have their accounts disabled.

Product Versioning

It is recommended to add a version number to your product names. One of the best areas to do so is in the "Product Specifications" in your product listing.  This helps customers when shopping for upgrades or when using the Help Desk. It also helps developers and vendors when setting up discounts or adding patches.