Picture of IP Based Auto-Login - 02.00.00

IP Based Auto-Login - 02.00.00

posted by IowaComputerGurus Inc. - 02/15/2016

IP Based Auto Login is designed to allow users to be automatically logged into your DotNetNuke installation if they are coming from a specific IP Range. This can be helpful for corporate intranets, or other situations where a common authenticated user account is needed to share content for users from a specific location or locations.


To help support a wide variety of implementations this module was designed with flexibility in mind.

  • Configuration is done per-instance of the module allowing multiple incoming auto-login pages to be configured
  • Support for multiple valid IP address ranges with unique user logins
  • Ensures that auto-login
  • Secure storage of auto-login user credentials
  • Administrator bypass to prevent auto-login if needed
  • Support for deployment to Windows Azure
  • Supports DNN 7.0.0 and later