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Events Calendar

posted by Akbar - 12/29/2014
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Events Calendar is to create events using rich text editor and to display. Simple to use Module 34067


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Events Calendar is a calendar to add and display events with time and description in rich text editor. 

You can use it in wide screen as well

You can add, edit and delete without redirecting to other pages

You can add roles to show events to specific group of users

You can add recursive events

You can add time for the event

You can localize the week day names and month names in module settings.

Browser Support:

Live Demo

How to use?

1. Add module to the page.

2. Click on any date.

3. Enter Event detail

4. Click Done

Event Detail

Events list in Popup

Admin screens


Product License

Copyright (c) 2021 Soft Cyber Technologies
All rights reserved.

Copyright (c) 2021 Soft Cyber Technologies
All rights reserved.

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says... 5 5.0
Module is simple to setup (DNN 9.1.1) and easy to use. Great value for the money. Seller is very professional - I had a slight issue and I got... Show More
Posted 7/2/2021
Bob S says... 5 5.0
great value for the dollar and ultra responsive support. I asked for a couple of minor changes to the UI and he accommodated instantly! although... Show More
Posted 1/15/2015
says... 5 5.0
Very simple and easy to use for displaying events and articles
Posted 12/30/2014