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posted by EasyDNNsolutions.com - 4/12/2021
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As a vendor of popular DNN themes and modules, we also offer our customers a wide range of services that include premium customer support, installation, and configuration of our DNN modules and themes, and much more. Other 41521
  • $79.00 - 1 Hour Support / Standard hourly rate
  • $150.00 - 2 Hour Support / Equivalent to $75/hour
  • $210.00 - 3 Hour Support / Equivalent to $70/hour
  • $325.00 - 5 Hour Support / Equivalent to $65/hour
  • $500.00 - 10 Hour Support / Equivalent to $50/hour
  • $950.00 - 20 Hour Support / Equivalent to $47.50/hour


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How can you use premium support hours?

Premium customer support for our DNN products

  • Remote support
  • Priority support
  • Priority bug fixing

Our services

  • Installation of our DNN modules
  • Upgrade of our DNN modules
  • Setup and configuration of our DNN modules
  • Installation of our DNN themes
  • Customizing our DNN themes to your needs
  • Upgrading DNN CMS
  • Adding new features to our DNN modules and themes
  • Developing a website based on our DNN themes and modules
  • SEO audit of a website and fixing issues
  • Performance audit of a website and fixing issues
  • Accessibility audit of a website and fixing issues
  • Other services upon request

Premium support hours are not refundable. Purchased support hours can be used within 24 months. Consult with us for how many support hours you need. For all information and questions contact us at [email protected]

How it works:

You bought, for example, 10 premium support hours. You needed one of our services, for which we spent 3 hours. You can use the remaining 7 hours for any other services during the 24 months.


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