Help Desk Terms of Use

The online "Help Desk" (service) is a communication tool offered by the store to aid independent developers (vendors) with assisting their customers (buyers). Buyers and vendors using the service are NOT agents or representatives of The DNN Store (company). Parties using the service, claim responsibility for the communication and all other actions performed using the service. The Store cannot be held liable for activies performed by users of the service. By using the communication service you also agree to the following: Terms Of Use

Vendors provide support for the products they have posted on the The vendors are not agents of the The DNN Store. The DNN Store does not provide technical support for products ordered.

Help Desk communication added by users should only be related to issue resolution. Any other communication should not be posted. Communication that could be viewed by users as offensive is not allowed.

Help Desk communications may be posted by employees of the Store for assisting with sales and service questions. The communication may be identified as being posted by the user(s) "Store Staff".

The Help Desk is provided as a service. Store Staff do not moderate Help Desk communication.

The DNN Store reserves the right to change the terms, conditions, and notices at anytime without notice to users.