Picture of HammerFlex2 Responsive Skin for DNN

HammerFlex2 Responsive Skin for DNN

posted by Christoc - 10/29/2019

HammerFlex2 is a free open source skin for DotNetNuke (DNN) built using Bootstrap.

  • Demo: See it in action on
  • Open Source: MIT License
  • Minimum DNN version: 09.08.00+
  • Compatible DNN Versions: 09.08.00+
  • Bootstrap: Uses Bootstrap V4.6.1
  • Layouts: 2, Home and Edit (edit has a ContentPane at full width) both layouts have a variety of useful pane configurations. Also includes a PopupSkin.ascx that will be loaded by DNN modal controls, not intended to be used as a skin.
  • Containers: 2, Main and Blank, both simple, one has a Title, one doesn't, can you figure out which one does?
  • Responsive: Utilizes Bootstrap’s responsive design capabilities.
  • Carousel Pane: The first Pane on the two layouts is a Carousel pane, you can create a carousel using the Bootstrap carousel functionality, see it in action on
  • Visual Studio 2019: Built using C#, using a Skin specific version of my build scripts based on my DNN Development Templates, build in RELEASE mode and the Skin will be packaged, including the Containers.
  • Unsupported: Have at it, play with it, use it, just don’t expect to get free support from me on this, I’m too busy these days. You can however pay for support from my consulting business,
  • Menu Warning: If you have Parent/Children menu items, in order to better handle the responsive menu, the parent pages should not have content on them, they should be disabled and be used only for displaying child items. The reason for this is that in order to allow for better touch support on mobile devices clicking on the Parent item will open the submenu, instead of navigating to the Parent page.