Picture of DNNMasters Shadow Copy 2.1

DNNMasters Shadow Copy 2.1

posted by DNNMasters - 06/26/2013

DNNMasters Shadow Copy is wizard driven module that simplifies and automates the individual or bulk copy of modules between pages and/or portals in DotNetNuke 5.6.x and 6.x

Bulk copy modules across pages and portals, keep module settings.


  • Wizard driven, 
  • Copy/shadow module(s) to selected pages, 
  • Copy module(s) to other portals (requires superuser privileges),
  • Copy module(s) with module specific settings,
  • Copy module(s) and specify target pane location,
  • Remove copied / shadowed module(s)

Compatible with DotNetNuke 5.6.x and 6.x