Picture of DNNArticle Multi languages plug-in  9.1

DNNArticle Multi languages plug-in 9.1

posted by ZLDNN.COM - 06/28/2018


This plug-in provides a solution for multi languages support of DNNArticle. It includes:

  • Edit multi languages for an article.

  •  Template multi language support.

    It also provides solution for DNNArticle when you enable DotNetNuke Content Localization.

 System requirement: DNNArticle 11+. It can work with DNN 7,DNN 8.x and DNN 9.x.



The plug-in is a standard DotNetNuke module. You can install it in the Host->Module Definitions.

Module Settings of main article

You should add an instance of DNNArticle Multi Language Editor into a new page. Then please go to the module settings of the main DNNArticle Module.<o:p>

There will be a new section in the module settings.

You can enable multi language support and you can set the multi language editor page and the default language.

The articles in main DNNArticle should be in the default language. When a user views an article, it will show the content of default language if there is not content of current language. 

Please not change the default language after you set it.

Edit content of other languages for an article

There will be a new link in article edit page after the plug-in is installed.

Clicking the link of “Edit content of other languages” will lead you to the content language editor page.

You can add content of other languages.

The “Return” link will lead you back to the edit page of main DNNArticle.

Edit other languages content of category 

If the “Enable Multi Languages” setting is enabled, you can add other language content of a category when you edit a category.

Multi language template 

There is a new kind of token to support multi language: [RESX:]. The label name is the key in the resource file SharedResources.resx. You can add localization text into the SharedResources.resx. 

Below is a sample template:







1 Portal License Standard Edition Professional Edition Enterprise Edition
Private Assembly Yes Yes Yes Yes
C# Source No No No Yes
Installation License 1 production DNN Protal

1 test Portal
1 production DNN installation

1 test installation
Multiple portals installation within your enterprise portals Unlimited
 Free Upgrade  3 months  6 months  12 months  12 months
Redistribution Not permitted Not permitted Not permitted Not permitted