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DNN PDF Generator Add-on 5

posted by DNN Sharp - 07/25/2018

Automatically Generate, Email and

Overlay PDF Documents

Create PDF documents right from your DNN portal using data captured with DNN Sharp's modules

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Streamline Processes

No longer are you forced to manually complete PDFs by hand. DNN PDF Generator Add-on automate the entire process for you

Digitise Your Paperwork

Go completely paperless, saving on printing costs, reduce waste and help the environment at the same time

Ridiculously Easy Setup

DNN Sharp modules provide the configuration and processing functionality necessary for the Add-on to work

Seamlessly Integrated

DNN PDF Generator Add-on requires at least one of the following:

Struggling to Create Custom DNN Forms?
Struggling to Create Custom DNN Forms?

Action Form is the most powerful yet easy to use custom form builder for DNN.

Ridiculously Good-looking Grids For DNN Data-rich Applications
Ridiculously Good-looking Grids For DNN Data-rich Applications

Integrate tables from multiple sources into DNN projects.

DNN API Endpoint
REST API In DNN With Little To No Coding

Access data securely and efficiently from outside your DNN portal.

A Proper Task Scheduler for DNN
All Kinds Of Automated Tasks In DNN

Optimize your DNN portal to save time performing time consumers DNN tasks.


DNN: See Compatibility Matrix SQL Server 2008+ (including express editions) IIS 7.0+

What's New in 5.0
  • The minimum requirements have been increased to DNN 8.0.4 and Evoq 8.5.0. The .NET version has also been increased to 4.5.2
  • updated wkhtmltopdf library
  • added Merge PDF action (to add pages to existing document)
  • other small improvements

Powerful Features That Put You In Control

  • Overlay PDFs

    DNN PDF Generator Add-on can now overlay 2 PDF files; set one PDF as background for the other

  • Tokens Supported

    The templates can be created with HTML tags and different tokens: DNN, My Tokens, form tokens ( texts from your form text boxes, etc.). The output documents will be created by using these templates

  • Token Names

    DNN PDF Generator Add-on allows you to provide token names where to store: Absolute URL, Relative URL, Physical Path (useful for example to send the generated PDFs in an email attachment). These can be used in next actions down the stack

  • Web API Application Available

    When PDFs generation can't be executed on server due to permission restrictions, the Add-on is shipped with an application to install it on your server of choice

  • Grayscale Option

    This option is useful if you just need to print the output document and you don't need a color version. If you choose it, the color information will be removed from the document

  • Conditional Actions

    You can write a condition that will determine at submit time either the Generate PDF action will get executed or not

  • wkhtmltopdf Integration

    DNN PDF Generator Add-on uses the powerful wkhtmltopdf package to turn HTML into complete PDF documents. This means you can use the tools you know and love to quickly craft PDFs. Please not that PDF Generator is not compatible with Azure

  • Paper Size Options

    DNN PDF Generator Add-on allows you to choose from multiple page sizes available for your output document: A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, Letter, Tabloid, etc.

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your edition
Install licence 1 site Unlimited installations and portals
Subscription (free updates and new versions) Covered by the subscription of the module the Add-on is used with Covered by the subscription of the module the Add-on is used with
Source Code No No
Redistribution Only if the license of the module the Add-on is used with allow redistribution Only if the license of the module the Add-on is used with allow redistribution
Support** Covered by the subscription of the module the Add-on is used with Covered by the subscription of the module the Add-on is used with

* Enterprise is defined as your company site(s) and those of your customers that are directly managed by your organization.

You Have Questions, We Have The Answers

Frequently asked questions cover answers to most of the questions that you might have related to DNN PDF Generator Add-on. Please read this section carefully before waiting for support. Who knows? You might find the answer quicker than expected.

FAQ 1. Is there an Add-on trial version available?

No, but you can take a look at a getting started video tutorial here to see what this Add-on is capable of.

FAQ 2. How long will I receive free updates and support?

Once you buy an Add-on license you'll have free updates and suport as long as the updates and support subscription for the module you use the Add-on with (Action Form, Action Grid, DNN API Endpoint, Sharp Scheduler) is active.

FAQ 3. I’ve hired a developer to work on my site. Who should buy the license?

You should. It is always best for you, the site owner, to have access to your account on That’s how you access downloads and support.

FAQ 4. Can I use this add-on to build and distribute applications?

You can integrate and distribute this add-on with your own products, but it should not be main functionality, it shoud be added value, and should not be in competition with our existing product. If we go into competition later, the developer will still be allowed to use the version he owns at that time, and continue to develop it, but will not receive new updates.

FAQ 5. Can the license be transferred?

Yes, but only if there is a transfer of ownership of the entire product

FAQ 6. Can I upgrade to different license type later?

Yes, you can upgrade to a higher tier (and more value-packed) license for just the price difference in qualifying purchases made within the past 3 months. If your purchase was made more than 3 months ago, don’t worry, we still have a special offer for you. Just email us at [email protected].

FAQ 7. If I purchase one collection (App Sharp or Web Sharp) and I already have this add-on, will I receive some discount?

Yes, you can save 50% from what you've already paid for up to 50% the cost of collection. Just email us at [email protected].


When it comes to support we pride ourselves on going the extra mile for our clients. One of the greatest joys we get is the awesome stuff we see based on the concerted effort of both our clients and ourselves. With dedicated support staff at your back, you can be sure that you will get your DNN portal up and running without a hitch.