Picture of DNN Constant Contact Add-on For Action Form 5

DNN Constant Contact Add-on For Action Form 5

posted by DNN Sharp - 09/07/2018

Add Subscribers To Your Constant Contact Lists From Any Action Form Forms!

...And as Action Form has each and every feature you need to kick start to manage mailing lists from DNN, make sure you take advantage of it!

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Why DNN Constant Contact Add-on?

DNN Constant Contact Add-on is an Action Form extension that adds contacts to your Constant Contact mailing list when they fill out beautiful forms made with Action Form.

This Action Form Add-on is a great step forward for DNN and Constant Contact users that from now on will be able to generate unlimited number of unique forms and gives a wide variety of options that can be configured, including what fields to show in the signup form.


Plug 'n Play Installation

With DNN Constant Contact Add-on there is no requirement for setup time. Installation is a snap. Simply download and install it and you are good to go!

Seamlessly Integrated

DNN Constant Contact Add-on is built to work right out of the box and is tightly integrated with Action Form (v. 03.03.02+) so you don't have to worry about conflicts or core upgrades later.

Ridiculously Easy Setup

Action Form provides the form configuration and processing functionality necessary for DNN Constant Contact Add-on to work. Just input your Constant Contact API key and Token and your List Name and you are ready to start.


Can't find the feature you need?
Place a feature request on our forums.

  • Complex Workflows

    DNN Constant Contact Add-on can collect and add subscribers to your email marketing lists automatically in complex workflows.

  • Subscribe Forms

    DNN Constant Contact Add-on is shipped with two signup forms to unleash advanced functionality.

  • Choose List Data

    This option allows you to select which data to pass to Constant Contact by mapping a field name to the Constant Contact list fields.

  • Conditional Action

    You can write a condition that will determine at submit time either the Subscribe to Constant Contact action will get executed or not.

  • Yep, It’s Responsive

    DNN Constant Contact got your back. The templates available are responsive which means they will self-adapt to the device your visitor is using.

  • Select The Email Field

    You have the option to manually select the email field in the form should be used to subscribe to Constant Contact.

  • Unsubscribe Action

    This action allows you to unsubscribe the email address in your form from Constant Contact

  • 90 Days Of Free Updates And Support

    After that, pay 50% the cost of a new license for subsequent updates.

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Very sexy indeed... but don't forget you also need Action Form!


your edition
Install licence 1 site Unlimited installations and portals
Subscription (free updates and new versions) Covered by the subscription of the module the Add-on is used with Covered by the subscription of the module the Add-on is used with
Source Code No No
Redistribution Only if the license of the module the Add-on is used with allow redistribution Only if the license of the module the Add-on is used with allow redistribution
Support** Covered by the subscription of the module the Add-on is used with Covered by the subscription of the module the Add-on is used with

* Enterprise is defined as your company site(s) and those of your customers that are directly managed by your organization.

Does this add-on stop working if I choose not to upgrade?
This Add-on will continue working even if you won't upgrade. You can buy it once and use it for years until it is so old that it will tell the other DNN modules stories about having to walk uphill both ways back in those good old days. =)

The license allows you to access to upgrades or support while it is valid.
Am I eligible for upgrade?
You'll be eligible for this upgrade if you've purchased an Add-on license in last 3 months. If you're not in this case, then you'll receive a 50% discount for upgrade to the last version. Just email us at [email protected] and we'll take care of the rest.
What does an Add-on license get me and how long is it good for?
Once you buy an Add-on license you'll have 3 months of free updates and suport and after that you'll receive a 50% discount to keep that same level of service.

You will not lose your data or any functionality out of the module itself. But you will lose access to downloads, updates, and support. If at any time in the future you want to upgrade to the latest version and get those perks back, you can do it.
I’ve hired a developer to work on my site. Who should buy the license?
You should. It is always best for you, the site owner, to have access to your account on That’s how you access downloads and support.
Is there an Add-on trial available?
No, but you can take a look at a getting started video tutorial to see what this Add-on is capable of:
Can I use this add-on to build and distribute applications?
You can integrate and distribute this add-on with your own products, but it should not be main functionality, it shoud be added value, and should not be in competition with our existing product. If we go into competition later, the developer will still be allowed to use the version he owns at that time, and continue to develop it, but will not receive new updates.
Can the license be transferred?
Yes, but only if there is a transfer of ownership of the entire product.
Can I become a reseller?
Yes, please contact us at [email protected] to discuss commissions.
Can I upgrade to different license type later?
Yes, you can upgrade to a higher tier (and more value-packed) license for just the price difference in qualifying purchases made within the past 3 months. If your purchase was made more than 3 months ago, don’t worry, we still have a special offer for you. Just email us at [email protected].
If I upgrade Action Form, do I also need to upgrade the add-on?
Not necessarily, but it's recommended because this add-on could lose compatibility or functionality.
If I purchase one collection (App Sharp or Web Sharp) and I already have this add-on, will I receive some discount?
Yes, you can save 50% from what you've already paid for up to 50% the cost of collection. Just email us at [email protected].
Can I get a discount?
You're about to enter a long term partnership with us that needs to be beneficial to everybody. Giving discounts will decrease the value that we can deliver to you over time because every discount that we give is a feature less in our products.
We'd rather give discounts for bundle purchases and to contributors. Find out more on how to become a contributor:
Where can I get support?
We have a dedicated support forum for Action Form and its add-ons:
This forum is monitored on week days. That is the best place to pose your questions; not only does our team moderate the forum and provide light module support, but other users are always chiming into the the discussions with their own thoughts — which makes for a solid experience on all fronts, and allows a number of perspectives that wouldn’t be present during an email exchange.
Our support forums focus on helping people with bugs and other issues, and we can not provide in-depth support on complex customizations of our modules. Most legitimate bugs that are reported will be logged and fixed for the next release; if a workaround can be easily provided, we’ll share one in the interim. When it comes to customization, while we’re happy to help point users in the right direction towards accomplishing a desired customization if we can, we won’t build your site or app for you.
You can take a look at Action Form documentation site and our Youtube channel.