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DigContest 3

posted by digNuke - 10/09/2012

The digContest DotNetNuke Module allows you to run contests on your DNN Site.

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Contest Types

  • Photo Contest (Babies, Dogs, Cars, Logos, etc)
  • Poetry Contest (Or any type of text)
  • Photo Caption Contest
  • Url Contest (Websites, different pages on your portal for things like user profile contests, video contests, etc) Built in templates for ThumbShots and SnapShots.


  • DNN 6.2 Journal
  • Active Social Integration.  Post Journal Entries for Entering a Contest, Commenting on an Entry, Voting on a contest, and Winning a contest!
  • Smart Thinker Story Feed

Base Features

  • Unlimited contests, multi-portal compatible.
  • Unlimited entries or you can limit the number of entries per contest., and the number of entries per user.
  • Template driven, you can make your contests look the way you want!
  • Voting is done by vote count, not rating! Entries with the highest vote count wins. Ties are decided by whoever submitted their contest first wins the tie.
  • Multiple voting modes, one vote per day, one vote per contest, vote multiple items per day, and more!
  • Identify user via user account or IP address if you don’t want to require the user to sign up for an account.
  • Supports DotNetNuke built-in search
  • You can specify contest rules and prizes.
  • You can define dates for different phases of the contest.
  • Admin users (or users for the roles specified) approves all entries before they are displayed. Users will get an approve or deny email. You can also specify an optional message so the user isn’t in the dark why they were denied.
  • Role based security for approval, and submitting entries.
  • Built-In Template Editor
  • Featured Contest Tab so you can focus on an important contest.
  • Dashboards – You can create quick summaries views of your entries or contests.
  • Comments – Users can comment on entries.
  • RSS Feeds – Dashboards and Contests themselves have RSS feeds
  • Friendly SEO URL – You can specify what the page title / description will be for your contests and entries.
  • Gravatars – On both the entry and comments.

Monetization Features

  • Keep users coming back by allowing users to have a vote EVERY day of the contest
  • You can hide the number of votes and ranking until the contest is complete so users won’t get discouraged and stop participating
  • Insert banners into content. How many times would you like to insert banner ads in the content of a module? You can have a 4x8 listing of entries with banners in random slots, or in specific rows and columns.


Your Purchase

  • Includes 1 Year of major and minor updates.
  • Requires DNN 6.2+, 7.x, 8.x, 9.x, EVOQ
  • Requires SQL 2005+

Open Contest View including ThumbShots URL contest, Photo Contest, and a Poetry Contest



Open Contest View including Caption contest and a SnapShots contest



Contest Entry list with Banner integration



Entry Detail



Contest Winners list with Banner integration


I don't see a user manual or directions within the DigContest 2.5 zip file. How to obtain one? Thanks.
Hi, If you look at the product page, you will see a link for a user guide. Thanks, Mike