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Wow Data Table

posted by WI Professional Services - 6/2/2017
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WowDataTable makes your work with tables and data management easy. Companies and individuals already trust it to work with financial, scientific, statistical, commercial and other data. Module 37219
  • $33.34 Standard License - Unlimited Domains, One DNN Instance
  • $100.00 Enterprise License - Unlimited Domains, Unlimited DNN Instances
  • $1,000.00 Enterprise License + Source Code - Unlimited Domains, Unlimited DNN Instances
  • $66.67 Customer Feature Request
  • $66.67 Customer Support Only


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Build tables without complicated configuration

Tables are created mostly by clicking - without having to code anything. 70% of users say that WowDataTable was easy to learn.

Customize tables as your task requires

You can combine WowDataTables features as you wish to solve your unique use cases - from wine catalogs and business reports to scientific dashboards.
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Great Features

Release Notes
Release 01.00.03 (22-06-2018):
  • New Options: Display all data source columns
  • Fix SQL Injection issue
Release 01.00.02 (07-10-2017):
  • Critical Bug Fixes
  • Add New Option to add/remove export buttons
Release 01.00.01 (01-07-2017):
  • Bug Fixes
  • New Feature: add URL Parameter in SQL Data Source Query, and the syntax is: {url:paramName}
  • New Feature: adding Chart Preview html code box
  • Add {userid} token support in SQL Select Query

Wow Chart v2

Wow Gallery

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Product License

Standard License

Unlimited Domains, One DNN Instance +
One Month Support

Enterprise License

Unlimited Domains, Unlimited DNN Instances + support Offline Activation for localhost sites only + Three Months Support

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Azure Compatible

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5 5 (2 product reviews)
says... 5 5.0
so far so good functionality wise. The WOW support was excellent.
Posted 6/27/2018
Jay C says... 5 5.0
WOW ! is right. Great Product, even better support. Needed a custom fix. Bought a feature request token and had it in my hands less than 2 hours later... Show More
Posted 7/6/2017