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Muhammad Ilyas
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SAPHCM Auth Provider
SAPHCM Auth Provider by Muhammad Ilyas (updated 4/17/2020)
Price: $0.00
SAPHCM validate and create user account from SAP HRCM employee master data. The provider doesn't require any development on SAP end, and only configuring server credentials in DNN integrates it to SAP system on the fly. Its free with pre-defined settings for unlimited users, sites and time. read more
5 (1 reviews)
SOP Execution System v3
Price: $0.00
SOP ES is an agile and robust platform for building workflow applications and web forms. The platform offers comprehensive set of tools to configure multilevel end-to-end workflows and consistent web forms. The platform is highly configurable and open to extend, integrate without changing the core. read more
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5 5 (2 reviews)
SAPHCM Auth Provider
(1) says... 5 5.0

user icon wow i get it's working for me in less than 5 mints. simplest and best to meet my requirement. thank you Muhammad Ilyas.

posted on 1/22/2018
SOP Execution System v3
Nathan B (1) says... 5 5.0

user icon I have been testing this module for a few months now and have been in contact with Muhammad Ilyas many times asking questions and suggesting improvements. This is a VERY good module for managing workflow on web forms. The module allows for the custom creation of forms and has a system to define document statuses and actions that are to be taken when certain conditions are met. There is the ability to setup automatic actions and notifications to different groups in the workflow. In the end, I was able to quickly setup a vacation request form that flows from the requester, to their department supervisor, and then to our payroll processors. Muhammad has been very responsive with questions, bug reports, and enhancements that I asked for, even before I purchased the module. The turnaround time for support has been excellent. I would suggest this module to anyone that is considering workflow processes for forms on their website.

posted on 7/25/2012