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AngularDNN (angularjs, bootstrap)
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AngularJS-driven web app designer, constructed to operate data in various databases (MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, Firebase,...) This module helps you to save time in developing dynamic apps like SPA. You can easily create Forms, Charts, Reports, etc. with different databases and outside web services. read more
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AngularDNN (angularjs, bootstrap)
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user icon After many tries installing module, it will not work. Clicking edit/settings will only display blank page. Using: DNN 8.00 windows 7 64bit

posted on 10/28/2016
Lobodzets Yurii replied...
user icon Thanks for your review. It's quite important for me. So. It's a something new. I checked it 10 minutes ago with "clear" DNN8. And everything is fine. Could you help me to catch an error? Tell me are there some errors in the browser console. For your help I will send you the module with Enterprise License. With best regards, Lobodzets Yurii