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Advanced Visitor Analyser 01.01.03 - analytics, tracker, Azure, DNN9
Price: $39.00
This is a very interesting and useful analysis module. It can help you analyze behavior of a user during visiting your site. For example, it can help you know which pages this user visit and how long the user stay on one certain page. In this way, you can learn more about your site and know which pa read more
5 (1 reviews)

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2.33333333333333 2.33 (3 reviews)
Cascaded Form 01.01.03 - dynamical forms, send email, responsive form, captcha, contact, Azure, DNN9
(1) says... 1 1.0

user icon Cheap and easy to use but ultimately it did not get the job done because it threw errors when submitting the email. And the email actually worked but obviously the user would have no way to know that as they stared at an error on the screen.

posted on 6/12/2020
Advanced RSS Loader 01.00.00 - Feed , RSS , Atom , Template
Bill B (5) says... 1 1.0

user icon This module lacks a simple sort feature.

posted on 1/29/2014
Advanced Visitor Analyser 01.01.03 - analytics, tracker, Azure, DNN9
saleem r (1) says... 5 5.0

user icon i have used this product since one month ago and i found it really very good easy and easy to use !!! the support is perfect .i advise everyone how needs this product to buy because it deserve it price .

posted on 9/26/2012