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Printable Coupons 1.0
Printable Coupons 1.0 by DNN Engineer (updated 10/18/2019)
Price: $9.99
Display Printable Coupons on your Website. Display Coupon Name, Description, Address, Coupon Code, Expiry Date and Logo image. Multi instance Coupon Module. Drop as many Coupons as you like on single or multiple pages. read more
3.5 (2 reviews)
Power Import & Export v4.1
Price: $67.00
Import, Update and Export to Excel, CSV & XML; DNN Users info, Password, Roles with effective and expiry dates, basic & Custom Profile Properties :: Import and Export any Data from your database using Visual table, views, column selection, table relationships and filters on columns read more
4.75 (4 reviews)

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4.33333333333333 4.33 (6 reviews)
Power Import & Export v4.1
Jon J (1) says... 5 5.0

user icon I'd like to applaud the great and fast support I've received from these guys! While testing and running this module I did experience some bugs, which I reported to them and they fixed it ASAP within a couple of hours. The module now runs perfect to what I need, which is exporting users from one portal and import them into a new portal.

posted on 8/17/2012
Printable Coupons 1.0
Emily W (11) says... 2 2.0

user icon Works ok...very plain. What I would really like is if our customers could edit the coupons themselves...and add new ones. This does not allow them to do so.

posted on 7/23/2012
Printable Coupons 1.0
franc s (15) says... 5 5.0

user icon I received an automated reply and nothing yet it's now 3 days. I realized we had some minor miscommunication. The module was not only fixed in a timely manner, but returned with additional functionality.

posted on 1/27/2012
Power Import & Export v4.1
Dwight B (167) says... 5 5.0

user icon Performed exactly as I expected it to do for importing data into my xmod Pro databases. Very nice and easy to use. I would recommend this to anyone needing to import data. Only minor issue is the interface first time use - knowing the sequence of clicks, but once you do it - it is very easy to repeat. Good Work.

posted on 6/1/2010
Power Import & Export v4.1
Anne A (1) says... 4 4.0

user icon This module could do with a nicer design with the interface but other than that it works like a dream. We have just exported 400 users, roles and passwords from one portal 4.9.2 to another 4.9.2 very successfully. Thankyou so much for the work you have saved us.

posted on 3/17/2009
Power Import & Export v4.1
Marty H (18) says... 5 5.0

user icon For my personal use a very usefull module with the import and export functions Installation on DNN5 easy. Doubting between 4 and 5 stars...

posted on 1/13/2009