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I just purchased the product and I must say I am generally very pleased with it. I was looking for a clean and practical FAQ module that would constantly show all the answers while having a scroll capability.

I have only noticed a few minor issues which if fixed, would make this an ideal FAQ module.

1. The Management input form is poorly designed. Only a small part of each question is shown under "title" column. The entire text should be shown to make it easier to find the questions.
2. There is  no reason to limit the table to 7 rows per page. This leads to excessive navigation. Why not showing all the list or provide a simple combo box to select how many rows to show.
3. When adding a new question/answer, again the box for the title is extremely small. It should be possible to see the whole sentence of a question. The description box can be made larger as well.
4. There is a field called order in the management table. Instead of this, up and down buttons should be used
H | 4/3/2010 10:17 AM
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