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EasyDNNnews 7.0 (Blog, Article, Events, Documents, Classifieds and RSS feeds)
Kevin C (4) says... 1 1.0

user icon I have noticed that many people have given the software 4 or 5 stars. The software is very good but I couldn’t give it but one star. You see as much as I think the software is worth five stars the company has shown that they lack sound business ethics. The Problem you may run into is that after you purchase it they decide to change their mind on something then you just won’t get it regardless of what your documentation says. It’s that simple! Here is a cut and paste of the license section for easyDNNnews 7 from the user manual. Section 1.3. Licenses Standard version Includes the license to use the module on a single domain and all sub-domains. It is allowed to activate the module on the development and production portals. Now somewhere along the way they decided to change this and never updated the users manual but they say who cares that’s not what we do now. What if they decide that you don’t get those free upgrades after you purchase then you don’t get them too bad. I use the software in my nonprofit website and they are thinking I should purchase an enterprise license if I don’t want to make changes in front of a live audience. I don’t believe that would be a good use of the donated money from my supporters. They also somehow assumed that this was my first module purchase because they emailed me that this is how dnn modules are sold across the board. The fact is that this is the only company I have used that had that outlook. I purchased a module from another company and had trouble on the install, they logged into my dev site and installed the module and when they were done I asked them to install it on my production site and they did that as well. I have purchased several modules from various companies all with dev and prod installs. Yes I did request a reactivation of the license 2 times. The first time was because I activated on my dev site because their user manual that came with the download said I can. Then of course it didnt work on my prod site so I had to uninstall it on the dev site and reactivate on production. The second time was because my new prod site became corrupted and I had to start over. I think business ethics are as important as support and product so for me one star. The software is good but it comes with a risk!

posted on 3/31/2015 replied...
user icon It is very sad that you posted this review after receiving two additional free activation for your development sites. Not for one site, but for two. But you now want even more. The license is very clear, even when you adding the module into the cart you can see how the module can be used. You can’t use the standard license on unlimited portals since this license does not cover such use.