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Dustin P (3) says... 3 3.0

user icon The code is bloated. If you are just a hobbyist and don't have a concern for performance then this skin is fine, however, it does require a lot of knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript if you want to modify. The CSS is at way too complex with several various libraries and functions that you won't use. Unless you spend a whole bunch of time cleaning up the code you don't use, you'd be better off with a custom skin that works efficiently for your business. Its great for budget projects to some extent but way bloated to what it could be.

posted on 1/11/2016 replied...
user icon Thanks Dustin for writing a review. I appreciate it. Porto 2 is one of the best performing (Page Speed) theme that is commercially available at time of this review. I completely agree with you that it has dozens of JS plugins and additional StyleSheets. Be sure to enable the Client Resource Management feature which is supported by Porto 2 and you'll end up with combined JS and Stylesheets. We have to include tons of additional scripts to support hundred and odd features (shortcodes etc...). Porto 2 focused on performance and I'm happy to inform that next version of Porto takes it a step further and allows you to customize exactly which plugins/stylesheets should be loaded. This would be an ideal scenario where an admin can balance between features and performance. Feel free to send us any other suggestion and we'll add them to our roadmap. We appreciate your business. Thanks