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The ZLDNN Group application helps you create your own social web site quick and easily. Module 24850
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It can working with DNN 4.7+ including DNN 6.+.

The ZLDNN Group module helps you create your own social web site quick and easily.

Living demos are here: http://demo.zldnn.com or http://demo.zldnn.com/group  .You can register to create your own group or join other groups there.

15 days full functional trial version can be download here: http://www.zldnn.com/Download/tabid/233/Default.aspx

Main Features

A group has:

  • Announcements: members of the group can post announcements.
  • A simple Forum: members can post on a simple forum of the group.
  • A photo gallery: members can upload photos into the group photo gallery.
  • Member list: you can view members of the group and add friends. Owners and administrators can manage members of the group.
  • Owners or administrators of the group can edit basic information of the group.

Group Members:

  • The user who creates the group is the owner of that group.
  • The owner can assign administrators to help manage the group.
  • Owners and administrators can assign officials for the group.
  • A member can invite other users to join the group.
  • If the group is setup as private, almembers must first be approved.

Group management:

  • DNN Administrators can define types and subtypes of groups.
  • DNN Administrators can define who can create groups.
  • Authorized users can create their own group.
  • A group can be marked as public or private – a Group can be changed from public to private and vice versa.
  • Users can join a public group and can be invited by their friends to join a private group.
  • A group can have forum, announcement and photo gallery. Members can post on the forum and post announcements. Members also can upload photos.

Group Photos

  • Members can upload photos to the group gallery.
  • DNN Administrators can set a limit for the number of photos or gallery space.
  • Photos can be stored on Amazon’s S3 service.
  • Members can tag photos.
  • The photos can be resized when uploading to a DNN Administrator set width.

Group Actions

  • Actions such as join group, create group and leave group wilbe recorded.
  • The actions in a group can be shown in ZLDNN Action.
  • Action of the current user in groups can be shown in ZLDNN Action.
  • Recent Active groups can be shown in the Group Recent Activity sub module.

Tokens and Template

  • All modules of the Group support templating.
  • You can define your custom templates in the module settings.
  • The default templates are stored in the resource files so you can modify them easily.
  • It supports pass time style date format.

Email Notification

  • You can set Email Notification for new forum topic, new post of forum topic and new comments for photo.
  • You can define the template of Email Notification.
  • You can define the sender address of Email Notification.

Easy set up, Easy use

  • The set up feature of the Group can help you to set up the modules easily.
  • You can also set up the modules manually.

Integrate with Social Modules

  • The groups module can work alone or with Smart Thinker’s SmartSociamodule.?
  • In the Group package, there are ZLDNN User Profile, ZLDNN Friends and ZLDNN Action. They allow you to build your own community web site.
  • All modules of the Group expose user id, display name and user name with tokens. Those tokens can help you to link to user profile page of the SociaModules.

There is a living demo in http://demo.zldnn.com/group . You can register to create your own group or join other groups there.

Screen Captures

Create a Group



The Group Commands


Invite friends to join a group


invite friend

The invitation will be shown in the “Recent Groups” for your friend.


Your friends will join the group if they accept your invitation.


Member Management


Group Announcement


Group Forum



Group Photo



Friends List



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VB.Net Source No No No Yes
Installation License 1 production DNN Protal
1 test Portal
1 production DNN installation
1 test installation
Multiple portals installation within your enterprise portals Unlimited
Redistribution Not permitted Not permitted Not permitted Not permitted