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An easy to use and must have module for marketing and branding. This module allows admins to create shortened vanity marketing friendly URLs for any page, file or image and any dynamic module URL. Think of it as a Branded Tiny or Vanity URL service for your site. Module 36440


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A Must Have for Marketing and Branding

WB Friendly URLs, empowers you to create unlimited shortened vanity and branded tiny URLs for any page, image, file or even dynamic URLs created by other modules. You can even create friendly URLs used on your site or in marketing materials, which link to sites outside of your domain.

Perfect for Event Registrations

If you use external event management systems like CVent, you'll want a way to promote your event with a friendly branded URL. WB Friendly and Vanity URLs allows you make custom URLs for any situation, without the need to create a page on your site.

Redirect any URL

Need an easy to type URL for custom modules? Or maybe you want to use keywords for specific landing pages? Transform any url, no matter the length to an easy to read, remember and type URL.

Transform: mysite.com/tabid/45/mid/416/default.aspx


Excellent for 301 Redirects

Need to migrate your site or change your site's structure? WB Friendly and Vanity URLs can help you manage those redirects in an easy to use system.


DNN 7.x, DNN 8.x & DNN 9.x | SQL Server 2012+ | ASP.NET 4.6 | Browsers: IE11, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera

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HOST 1 DNN instance with unlimited portals

Trial license grants you full use of the product for 14 days.

* Host license grants installation on one production and one development environment.

** Updates and support is valid for 3 months from the date of purchase. Additional support subscriptions can be purchased seperately.


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Azure Compatible

Product Specifications

  • .NET Version:

  • DNN Versions:
    Supported versions are DNN 7, Evoq 8, Evoq 9

  • Install Instructions:

  • Multi Portals:
    Supports multiple portals in a single DNN instance.

  • Security:
    Requires Host level access for installation. Only Host or Administrators can access the module and make edits.