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posted by DNNIT - 11/22/2016
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With this module, you can share files with others. The uploaded file can append some attributes to make it secure, like effective and expiry date time, and you can set permissions to specific users, and make the file available only to those uses with permission you assigned. Module 36717
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1.The module home UI
2.My Files UI, you can manage files you downloaded
3.When uploading new file, you can set permissions and available duration to the file

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DNNIT grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use this module on your DotNetNuke installation based on your purchase history. One Production License is required to install and use this module on each DotNetNuke installation, A DotNetNuke installation is defined as a single DotNetNuke database which can host multiple child portals. These portals may have their own unique web addresses, but they are managed from a single DotNetNuke host, you must purchase additional Production License for each extra DotNetNuke installation. The Enterprise Edition of this product allows you to install and use this product on unlimited DNN installations, but these DNN installations must be owned by same one, either an individual or an entity.

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