Unique Image Slider with 21 Transition Effects (IE Fix)

posted by DnnZone - 6/2/2011
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Unique Image Slider is a new interactive and user friendly module developed by DnnZone. This is a sleek slider module for your images, slide-shows and banners. 21 new and unique transition effects are supported in this module. Module 21952
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Unique Image Slider is another interactive & user friendly image slider module developed by DnnZone. This is a sleek slider module for your images, galleries and banners. 21 new & unique transition effects are supported.

This slider is based on Java-script and CSS only. This nice looking module lets you to create an effective & beautiful slider for images or banners of any size. The only limitation is that all images in the slider should be of the same size.

21 unique transition effects are supported. This will help you to make the banner section more interactive and will allow you to show multiple images in the space of one image. This module can also be used as a product show-case. You are allowed to choose multiple effects.

New in version 01.01.00
There was loading issue on IE. Issue is fixed in this updated version.

Module Configuration:

Other aspects of the sliders can be controlled from the module settings page, including:

  • Transition Effects
  • Delay between transitions
  • Transition Speed
  • Navigation Style (Next/Previous)
    • Do not display
    • Always display
    • Display on hover
  • Caption
    • Do not display
    • Always display
    • Display on hover
  • Bullets
    • Do not display
    • Always display
    • Display on hover
  • Auto Play

21 Unique Transition Effects:

Following extensive and nice looking transition effects are supported:

Clock Diamond Circle
Exit Stage Left Exit Stage Right Stretch Out
Shrink Wipe Blocks Diagonal In
Blinds Fade Fountain
Random Blocks Random Slices Vertical Random Slices Horizontal
Slice Fade Slice Slide Vertical Slice Slide Horizontal
Slide Slide Over Zipper

This module is built using HTML, CSS and Java-script only. No Flash is used.

You can review the product terms and license details here.

Browser Support:

This module might not work properly on IE 6

Live Demo:

You can access live demo here

Following screenshots describe the functionality of this module:


Module Settings Page:

Manage Images:

Slider View:

You can see it working here.

Known Issues:

Transparent images may give problem in IE.

You can find a blog post on how to use this module here.

Note: This slider slides images using java-script on client side. All images added to the slider should be of the same size. You can resize the slider area according to image dimensions from module settings page.