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Ultra Media Gallery 9.9.0 with free Slider Collection

posted by Bizmodules Solutions - 5/13/2016
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Ultra Media Gallery is the best selling image and media gallery solution for DotNetNuke, it comes with 20+ selected media viewers to build prefessional images sliders and media galleries. Module 36135
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  • $199.95 Server License
  • $349.95 Unlimited License
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What is Ultra Media Gallery?

Ultra Media Gallery is the most widely adopted media (images / videos / mp3 audios and .swf flash movies) management and delivery solution for DotNetNuke. More than 10,000 DNN website are powered by various versions of Ultra Media Gallery in over 100 countries.

With UMG, you can create photo galleries with 20+ customizable media viewers. You can build a media gallery with images, video, and audios uploaded from your own computer or even from internet. You can subscribe to Flickr, Google Picasa, or other image sources by RSS so you can use UMG's high quality interface to warp these images. You can easily create professinoal image sliders and rotators with responsive / fluid layout. it is also possible to sell digital products online so you can benefit from your website.

UMG offers a great deal of configuration settings and a wide range of viewer choices to meet your needs, most viewers are CSS+Javascript implemented which means you can expect it to work for your visitors no matter what kind of devices your visitors use, including desktop computers, tablets, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, and much more.

Ultra Media Gallery is compatible with latest Microsoft Windows Azure environment.

Why choose Ultra Media Gallery?

Powerful solution: UMG is an "all-in-one" gallery solution, offering many display options for various business and personal uses. For example, you can configure UMG as a normal image viewer, a media library, an image rotator, social group gallery, and much more. The power built into UMG is much greater than similar products.

20+ media viewers: While other vendors distribute modules with only one player per module, you save money by investing UMG because you get 20+ unique viewer interfaces built into one product. Most media viewers are developed by our self so they are not available anywhere in the market.

Carefully polished: "...they [Biz Modules] don't take short cuts for their convenience, they do the difficult programming for you." (from Dwight B.)

Responsive support: "The other major reason I choose this product [UMG] is that the developer is very active and responsive in supporting this product. This gives me confidence that any issues that arise in the future will be addressed quickly." (from Sean Lee)

What's new in version 9?

  • Brand new user interface
    The user interface of UMG 9 is fully re-designed to make it more integrated with DNN interface.
  • Responsive / fluid layout
    Many UMG 9 presentations (viewers) support responsive layout, which allows you to build responsive media gallery that works on both desktop computers and mobile devices.
  • New upload page
    The new media upload page adopts latest features of HTML 5, you can easily browse and choose multiple files to upload, or drag files to upload if supported by your browser.
  • New TileGrid presentation
    The latest mobile-friendly TileGrid presentation offers a cool tile effect with deep social integration, it is now possible to see view history of a certain media.
  • Easy permission control
    UMG 9 allows you to set album view permission very easily. You just need to choose Private, Public, Friends or Custom.
  • Slider collection
    Slider Collection is a bundle of DotNetNuke slider and rotator modules, it is now available for all UMG 9.x users as a free extension.
  • Social group integration
    UMG 9 automatically switch to social group integration mode when used in social group profile page, members of each group can manage their own albums and media.
  • Social digger
    The new SocialDigger module can be used in user profile or social group profile, UMG is able to display albums and media of current user, or current social group (example).
  • Journal integration
    When integrated with DNN Journal, UMG notifies journal when a new media is uploaded, if current user belongs to any social group, each group is notified.
  • Journal bridge
    Our new UMG-JournalBridge module creates a link for images displayed in DNN Journal, which makes it possible to click an image in DNN Journal and get redirected to actual UMG gallery (example).
  • Module group
    When create your first gallery, all UMG modules will be grouped in a ¡°Ultra Media Gallery¡¯ category.
  • Media on Google Maps
    UMG-Map module can be used to easily display your media on Google Maps.

For more information on the latest enhancements to UMG, please see the Release Notes.

Featured sample sliders & rotators

UMG is delivered with 10+ sliders and rotators viewe, many of them supports respnosive / fluid layoutr. Click below images to see how your works.


Parallax Slider

  • Responsive / fluid layout
  • Mobile friendly
  • Layer builder for each slide in a graphical user interface
  • Unlimited types of usage (image slider, image slider with text, content slider, video gallery slider, mixed content slider, etc¡­)
  • Unlimited variations of animations
  • Demo Slider included
  • One background image for each slide, unlimited sub layers with texts or images.


  • Fully responsive / fluid layout
  • Mobile friendly
  • Awesome and unique transitions
  • 24 Fancy templates
  • All browsers, all devices
  • Touch swipe support
  • Bullets or Filmstrip (image thumbnails) navigation

Slider Max

  • Responsive / fluid layout
  • Mobile friendly
  • Using CSS Animation with FallBack to jQuery
  • Unlimited Slides
  • iPhone & Android Swipe Touch enabled
  • Customizable 100% via WYSIWYG editor
  • Demo Slider included
  • Vimeo & Youtube Supported
  • One background image for each slide, unlimited sub layers with texts or images.


  1. Reponsive / fluid layout
  2. Mobile friendly
  3. Nice and attractive Ken Burn effect
  4. You can put images, videos, and other kind of media in single slider.
  5. Support almost all kinds of medias, including embeded videos.
  6. Thumbnail or bullets navigation
  7. Touch support for mobile devices.


  1. Mobile friendly
  2. Support images, videos and flash movies
  3. Horizontal accordion effect.
  4. 3 themes, light, dark and stitch.
  5. Activate an item when click or hover on it.


  1. Reponsive / fluid layout
  2. Mobile friendly
  3. Blur effect caption
  4. Touch swipe
  5. Navigation viriations.
  6. Professinoal look image slider

Nivo Slider

  1. Reponsive / fluid layout
  2. Mobile friendly
  3. 4 themes: bar, dark, default, light.
  4. 14 image transitions effects.
  5. Options to show/hide UI elements.


  1. Ideal for pure image sliders and image rotators
  2. 9 kinds of alignment, 9 kinds of carousels.
  3. Image size, image position, image opacity fully customizable.
  4. Fully works on iPhone/iPad and other mobile devices.


  1. Responsive / fluid layout
  2. Mobile friendly
  3. A unique Android-style multi layer floating effect.
  4. Bullets or thumbnail navigation.
  5. One background layer and 3 floating layers.
  6. Select background images for each floating layer.
  7. Display slides either in predefined order or random order

3D Wall

  1. Responsive / fluid layout
  2. Unlimited images in a horizontal bar
  3. Nice 3D wall effect in Safari browsers(including iPhone/iPad)
  4. Mousewheel support
  5. Fully works on iPhone/iPad and other mobile devices.

Piece Rotator

  1. Play images, videos and even flash movies together
  2. Cool transition effects
  3. Dozens of configuration options

Html Slideshow

  1. W3C Compatible
  2. Use cursor keys on keyboard and mouse wheel for navigation purpose
  3. 15 completely different image slideshow templates
  4. Display images either in predefined order or random order
  5. Tons of options to customize


  1. Unique timeline effect.
  2. Mobile friendly
  3. Touch support for mobile devices.
  4. Timeline can be created upon created day/month/year or taken day/month/year.
  5. 2 image transition effects: Slide or Fade


Featured sample photo & media galleries

UMG includes 10+ selected photo and media gallery viewers, below are some featured sample galleries, click on images to see it in action.



  1. Fully resonsive / fluid layout
  2. Mobile friendly
  3. Unlimited albums support, including child albums
  4. Support HTML 5 full screen mode, no plugin required
  5. Touch & Swipe on mobile devices
  6. Exclusive & atractive tile effect
  7. Admin users can Highlight some items, highlighted items are displayed in 2x2 grid.
  8. Share a media on social websites
  9. Like & comment feature
  10. Record & show the view history of current media


  1. Fully resonsive / fluid layout
  2. Support multiple albums & nested albums
  3. Fully works on mobile devices
  4. Touch & Swipe on mobile devices
  5. Support all 4 kinds of media
  6. Support embeded videos from Youtube or other websites.
  7. Easily share on social websites like Facebook, Twitter. Google Plus ...
  8. Facebook-style photo tagging


  1. Support multiple albums
  2. Can play both images and videos
  3. Support embeded contents like Youtube video
  4. Automatically plays the 1st video in an album
  5. Display thumbnails either in random or fixed place
  6. Admin users can manually adjust positions of image thumbnails.

Smooth Gallery

  1. Support multiple albums.
  2. Pure image gallery
  3. Playlist can be placed on top, right, bottom, or left side.
  4. Menu and thumbnails vertical or horizontal orientation.
  5. Google Terminal Dosis font.
  6. Ideal choice to replace prior flash presentations like UMG Professional ...

Tonic Gallery

  1. Support multiple albums.
  2. Powered by our customized version of prettyPhoto lightbox plugin.
  3. Social share links (Twitter, Facebook)
  4. Bullets pagination.


  1. Support images & videos
  2. Pure CSS + Javascript implementation
  3. A nice folding effect
  4. Choose from multiple albums at gallery bottom
  5. Fully works on iPhone/iPad and other mobile devices.


  1. Support images, videos, audios and Flash movies(.swf)
  2. Pure CSS + Javascript implementation
  3. Narrow selection in left side
  4. Play media in lightbox window
  5. Organize media by taken date or created date
  6. Fully works on iPhone/iPad and other mobile devices.

UMG Professional

  1. Professional image & photo gallery
  2. Can enter full screen mode
  3. Show photos' EXIF information inside the viewer
  4. Admin can edit image title and descritiption just inside the viewer


  1. Support images and videos
  2. Quick navigation(hover an item to open it)
  3. Integrated compact video player

Features at a galance

  • One product, many use.
  • Support images, videos (.flv / .mp4), audios(.mp3), flash movies(.swf) and embeded media.
  • Comes with 20+ selected presentations (viewers).
  • You can choose a major presentation for each gallery, and a Fallback Choice for mobile devices.
  • Automatically detects if the client use a mobile device, such as smart phones and tablets.
  • Most presentations are jQuery powered, no plugin required.
  • Many presentations support responsive / fluid layout.
  • Many presentations are mobile friendly with touch & swipe support.
  • You can host multiple kinds of media in a single mixed gallery.
  • Fully tested with all major platforms so you can expect all of your visitors can see your gallery properly.
Add / manage albums
  • Organize media by albums, unlimited albums per gallery
  • Support child albums
  • Use mouse drag & drop to easily resort albums.
  • When Auto Resize is enabled, images uploaded to an album will be resized automatically.
  • UMG can subscribe to any media RSS feed (MRSS).
  • Supports Flickr and Picasa RSS feed.
  • Automatically refresh subscribed albums periodically.
  • Quickly edit basic information of an album in lightbox window.
Add / manage media
  • You can select media types to be supported in each gallery instance.
  • Automatic thumbnail creation, thumbnail size is adjustable.
  • Select and upload bulk files at one time.
  • HTML 5 Drag-n-drop upload support.
  • Automatically read Taken Date from photos if presented.
  • Automatically read GPS coordinates from photos if presented.
  • You can manualy mark taken place if GPS coordinates is not presented.
  • Import media from your server folder.
  • Add a media from internet URL.
  • Add a video from Youtube URL or Youtube embed code.
  • Add a media from any piece of HTML code.
  • Upload files by FTP, let UMG to synchronize them.
  • Choose default sorting field, which could be created date, photo taken date, file name, or digits in file name.
  • Default sorting field can be changed at any time.
  • Use mouse drag & drop to manually resort media.
  • Rotate images to left side or right side.
  • Media can be transfered to another album.
  • Quickly edit basic information of a media in lightbox window.
  • Gallery Manage permission can be given to a DNN role to fully access a gallery.
  • Album Add permission can be given to DNN roles, which allows these users to add media in specefic album.
  • Album Manage permission can be given to DNN roles, which allows these users to moderate / manage media in specefic album.
  • Album Manage permission can also be given by setting an user as Album Owner.
  • Album View permission can be used to control which roles can see an album.
  • Permissions can also be set on individual users.
  • You can assign a semi-transparent watermark, which will be attached to new uploaded media.
  • Optional media approval process.
  • Use Disk Quota feature to limit the maximum media an user can upload.
  • A free file can be attached to each media as raw file, raw files are saved in secured place.
  • UMG publish RSS feed (MRSS).
  • UMG can be seamlessly integrated with Amazon S3, UMG files can be automatically transfered to Amazon S3 server.
  • UMG can be integrated with Ultra Video Gallery 4.x+, with this integration, UMG allows you to upload videos in any formats and UVG will be used for video encoding.
  • UMG can be integrated with DNN Journal, when a media/comment is added/deleted, UMG notifies author's profile and all social groups the author belongs to.
  • When integrated with DNN Journal, images displayed in journal list can be turned to links back to your gallery (example).
  • When used with Social Group Profile, each social group can contribute and see their own albums / media.
  • You can use UMG-SocialDigger together with DNN Journal, which displays a full list of media posted by current user or members of current social group (example).
  • Fully localizable.
  • Search media via DNN search or UMG's dedicated search module.
  • Share media by Email or direct URL.
  • Support Tag Cloud.
  • Many presentations offer social share links to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn ...
  • Many presentations support keyboard control, use left and right allow keys for quick navigation.
  • Some presentations display EXIF information when view a media.
  • You can like & comment a media.
  • Display media in calendar view.
  • When GPS coordinates is available, you can show media on Google Maps as many markers, hover on a marker to see media in nearby places.
  • Play videos / audios with HTML 5 video/audio player when Flash plugin is not available, so our videos / audios work on iPhone / iPad.
  • Download raw files attached to media.
  • If price is set, you can sell raw files. Payment is made by Paypal.
  • Many presentations offers tons of configuration options to customize colors, appearance and behaviors.

Edition difference

Portal License Website License Server License Unlimited License
Full feature support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Redistribution No No No No
Number of DNN instances
A DNN instance may host multiple portals
1 DNN portal 1 DNN instance Unlimited DNN instances
on single IP address
Unlimited usages
on websites you built
Customer support Free lifetime support
Upgrade policy Free lifetime upgrade for all minor upgrades (e.g. 9.x => 9.y)

Sample and Trial

Visit http://www.bizmodules.net to see some sample galleries, a downloadable trial is available in Downloads page, fell free to play it before you buy.

User Guide

UMG comes with a well-documented PDF user guide, click here to download it.

Upgrade From Prior Versions

You can get free upgrade if you purchased UMG 8 after April 1st 2013, ugprade discounts is available if you purchased UMG before this date.

Please use our license upgrade program to upgrade your license before installing UMG 9.


Product License

BIZ MODULES SOLUTIONS grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use this module on your DotNetNuke(DNN) website in following conditions.

If you purchased a portal license, you can use this product on single DotNetNuke website, single portal.

If you purchased a website license, you can use this product on single DotNetNuke website, which may host multiple portals.

If you purchased a server license, you can use this product on unlimited DotNetNuke websites with same IP address.

If you purchased a unlimited license, you can use this product on unlimited DotNetNuke websites you built, in which you serve as the major contributor.

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Azure Compatible

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Ryan M says... 5 5.0
Hands down the best collection of slideshow/gallery module styles for DNN. A MUST HAVE for your DNN developer toolbox.
Posted 10/5/2015
Ryan M says... 5 5.0
Hands down the best collection of slideshow/gallery module styles for DNN. A MUST HAVE for your DNN developer toolbox.
Posted 10/5/2015
Brandon H says... 5 5.0
Great product
Posted 4/25/2012
Brandon H says... 5 5.0
Great product
Posted 4/25/2012
Brandon H says... 5 5.0
Great Product
Posted 4/25/2012

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Product Specifications

  • Azure Compatible:
    Yes, fully Azure compatible

  • DNN Version Compatibility:
    DNN 6.2.x and higher