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Special Image Slider with 35 Unique Effects (6.5)

posted by DnnZone - 3/26/2012
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Special Image Slider is a nice module by DnnZone. It can be used to slide images using 35 unique transition effects. Special feature of this slider module is that you can also choose transition effect for each slide. Different styles of navigation bullets are also supported. Module 25067
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Special Image Slider is a nice module by DnnZone. It can be used to slide images using 35 unique transition effects. Special feature of this slider module is that you can also choose transition effect for each slide. Different styles of navigation bullets are also supported.

This slider is based on Java-script and CSS only. This nice looking module lets you to create an effective & beautiful slider for images or banners of any size. The only limitation is that all images in the slider should be of the same size.

35 unique transition effects are supported. This will help you to make the banner section more interactive and will allow you to show multiple images in the space of one image. This module can also be used as a product show-case. You are allowed to choose multiple effects.

 New features in latest version

Version 06.05.00

Version 06.00.00

Version 05.05.00

Version 05.00.00

  • Added 3 new transition effects:
    1. Glass Cube
    2. Glass Block
    3. Random Smart

Version 04.00.00

  • Extended the file browse control. You can either use DNN default file control or you can specify URL for image, if you are storing images out-side DNN portal
  • Added support to specify date range (optional) for each image. Images will be displayed during the specified range only.

Version 03.00.00

  • Added option to open links in new window
  • Added support to link images with the sliders which are already available on portal using standard DNN file browsing control

Version 02.00.00

  • Auto Play - check box to specify, if you need auto play or not
  • Transition Speed - Enter value 1-5 to control the speed of transitions
  • Customize Theme
    • Control Border Thickness
    • Border Color
    • Bullet Background Color
    • Active Bullet Color
    • Hover Bullet Color
  • Visual color picker is added for color fields
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Free Upgrade Policy Get life time free upgrades for this module.
Supported DotNetNuke Versions
  • DNN 04.xx.xx
  • DNN 05.xx.xx
  • DNN 06.xx.xx
Details about available module settings
Multiple module instances are supported Multiple module instances are supported on a single page
This module supports uploading multiple images in the form of zip file. You can create a zip file of your images on your local computer. Manage Images has an option for zip upload. All images in the zip file will be linked with the module in a one step process.
Browser Support: Might not work on IE 6 and below

Might not work on IE 6 and below

Module Configuration:

Other aspects of the sliders can be controlled from the module settings page, including:

  • Transition Effects
  • Bullets
    • No Bullets
    • Numeric Bullets
    • Circular Bullets
  • Show Navigation Arrows
  • Show Captions
  • Randomize Images
  • Delay
  • Image Dimension

32 Unique Transition Effects:

This module allows you to either specify the effect on slider level or you can define effects for each slide individually. Following extensive and nice looking transition effects are supported:

  1. Cube
  2. Cube Random
  3. Block
  4. Cube Stop
  5. Cube Hide
  6. Cube Size
  7. Horizontal
  8. Show Bars
  9. Show Bars Random
  10. Tube
  11. Fade
  12. Fade Four
  13. Paralell
  14. Blind
  15. Blind Height
  16. Blind Width
  17. Direction Top
  18. Direction Bottom
  19. Direction Right
  20. Direction Left
  21. Cube Stop Random
  22. Cube Spread
  23. Cube Jelly
  24. Glass Cube
  25. Glass Block
  26. Random Smart
  27. Circles
  28. Circles Inside
  29. Circles Rotate
  30. Cube Show
  31. Up Bars
  32. Down Bars
  33. Swap Bars
  34. Swap Bars Back
  35. Random

This module is built using HTML, CSS and Java-script only. No Flash is used.

You can review the product terms and license details here.

Browser Support:

This module might not work properly on IE 6

Live Demo:

You can access live demo here

Following screenshots describe the functionality of this module:

Module Settings Page:

Module Settings

Module Settings with Color Picker

Manage Images:

Slider View:

You can see it working here.

Known Issues:

Transparent images may give problem in IE.

You can find a blog post on how to use this module here.

Note: This slider slides images using java-script on client side. All images added to the slider should be of the same size. You can resize the slider area according to image dimensions from module settings page.


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5 5 (7 product reviews)
Bob S says... 5 5.0
solid module, great value.
Posted 8/9/2012
Benny M says... 5 5.0
Great module easiest to use of all sliders even better Support responds right away and fixes issues with new version
Posted 5/29/2012
Paul M says... 5 5.0
Very helpful support. I had a problem - and it was fixed. I asked about a new feature - it was added. Really appreciate the willingness to adapt... Show More
Posted 4/26/2012
Bob S says... 5 5.0
clean module, works well
Posted 12/10/2011
Thomas P says... 5 5.0
Nice image slider that did what I wanted it to do. Questions from tech support were answered very quickly. Customer loves it!
Posted 10/1/2011

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