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SP20067 Unlimited Responsive Multi-Purpose DNN Theme(V4.1.0) / Retina / 7 HomeLayouts / Bootstrap

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DNN 8/9 Unlimited CSS3 HTML5 Responsive Multi-Purpose DNN Theme Theme 38383
  • $59.99 Standard DNN Theme + xPlugin
  • $119.99 Professional DNN Theme + xPlugin
  • $179.99 Enterprise DNN Theme + xPlugin


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Unlimited Responsive

The theme comes with xPlugin module, which allows you to customize preferable themes according to your own needs. You will enjoy the great power that you've always desired with extensive design options and features. Based on this xplugin, creating a unique theme with your great imaganation is not impossible any more!

The xPlugin includes these options: Customize Header Layout, Content Layout, Footer Layout, hide/display skin elements, Skin Lists and Create New Skin etc.

Unlimited Colors

This theme includes a back-end color picker that allows you to easily change the color of any theme element(like menu, header, breadcrumb, footer, background, texts etc) to create a unique theme for many purposes.

Responsive & Retina Ready

This theme is 100% ultra responsive built on cutting-edge twitter boostrap frame work, which will absolutely make your site look fantastic and work well on any high pixel density devices. Also there is no need to transform codes and save again, all devices will update automatically.

Bootstrap 3

Twitter Bootstrap is one of the best CSS frameworks for developing and designing content management systems. This theme is compatible with the Powerful Bootstrap Components which will help you create content, simply Copy/Paste the code from Bootstrap.

It has two versions-Bootstrap 2 and Bootstrap 3. Currently, the latest version is 3.3.

Boxed & Full Layout

With both options of Boxed & Full Layout, you can change the complete look of your site by clicking the Boxed or Full button through the Skin Options of the xPlugin. When you have Boxed Layout selected, you can choose to use a pre-defined background image, or a custom background image.


Light & Dark - two content style modes for you to choose to fit your different requirement. Also you can change the background color, content text color and link color etc through XPlugin to create your favourite content style. Easy and quick to manage, totally free to choose.


Include 6 different Home Layouts, you can choose appropriate layout according to the needs of your site. Apply the home page templates when creating pages, it will help you to create page contents quickly and modify the alternative contents conveniently.

You can see the Home Layouts from here: Home Version 1, Home Version 2, Home Version 3, Home Version 4, One Page, and App.

One page site

With long page content, it has integrated content of various pages, as a result, you can view content of various pages without redirecting pages. It is suitable for sites which have fewer pages and whose content is short and simple. Floating page tags and back button make it very convenient for you to reach the content area you would like to see.

App Presentation page

An APP Presentation page, which is a clean, stylish, professional one page design, is also included in the home page. It is used for selling and displaying mobile device app. With this page, you can freely customize your own app. Its professional look and feel will absolutely make your app stand out.

Coming Soon Page

This theme includes a beautiful and modern full wide responsive Coming Soon Page, which comes with a jQuery Countdown. When your site or product is under construction, you can just use this page instead easily and quickly. Also you can create your own Coming Soon Page quickly by changing the background image, content text and countdown time.

Menu Options

Include 5 menu options: DNN Standard Horizontal Menu, Left Menu, Right Menu, Left Vertical Menu and MegaMenu (which are created through our DNNGo_MegaMenu module and can work for SEO very well). MegaMenu has great flexibility, which can allow you to easily control the number of columns for the submenus to be displayed, also it is able to display HTML module or third party module.

7 Pre-defined Header layouts

With 7 Pre-defined Header Layouts in the theme, you can choose to use them as you wish. Also you can create a unique theme style by changing color, font, replacing image & theme elements etc through xPlugin.

You can see the Headers from here: Header 1, Header 2. Header 3, Header 4, Header 5, Header 6 and Left Side Header.

Left Side Headers

This left side header has 3 modes, which are Fixed Position and Onclick Open and Push Content. When in onclick open mode, you can easily get the header pop and close by clicking the button.

In fixed position mode, click the button, header which includes the menu and such elements will pop from the left, you can quickly find the page links; click this button again, the header will close. And pop-up header is not only convenient, it will also save space, making your site look generous and professional.


With 5 different Breadcrumb Layouts in the skin, you can choose to use them as you wish. Also you can create an unique theme style by changing color, font, replacing image & theme elements etc through SkinPlugin.

You can see the Breadcrumb Layouts from here: Breadcrumb 1, Breadcrumb 2, Breadcrumb 3, Breadcrumb 4 and Breadcrumb 5.

15 Page Templates

This theme includes 15 beautiful and useful Page Templates: Home, Home Version 2, Home Version 3, Home Version 4, One Page, App, Coming Soon, About Us, Time Line, Our Services, Our Team, Team Details, FAQ, Pricing and Contact Us. You can create a site and add contents quickly and easily.

7 Portfolios Responsive Styles

This theme includes 7 different creative and responsive Portfolios Styles, you can obtain different themes with one click. It has a large number of portfolio configuration options and Layouts, which absolutely offers you a great flexibillity. No matter whether you are looking for amazing settings or basic gallery, it will not disappoint you!

You can the Portfolios Styles from here: Portfolios Version 1, Portfolios Version 2, Portfolios Version 3, Single Post Layouts, Grid Layouts, Text Layouts and Classic Layouts

11 Pane Responsive Layouts

11 different and responsive grid Layouts: HomePage Layout, InsidePage Layout, InsidePage-Leftmenu Layout, InsidePage-Rightmenu Layout, App Layout, ComingSoon Layout, One Page Layout and SocialProfile Layout.

20 Matching Containers

This theme includes 11 matching containers, you can choose appropriate containers according to your own needs.


This theme includes a large number of typography element styles, such as Tables, Buttons, Custom Buttons, Responsive images, Icons, Labels and badges, ContentLayout, Progress bar, Thumbnails, Media Object, List Style, Dividers, SectionStyles and Boxes, which will help you create page content layouts quickly and easily.

Short Codes

This theme offers you a lot of useful built-in shortcodes, which will allow you to quickly and easiliy create nice page styles even you don't know anything about code. The shortcodes include: Pricing, ProgressBars Counters, Testimonials, Responsive Tabs, Accordions, Quotes, Dropcaps, CSS3 Animation, Dropdowns, Popovers, Alerts, Tooltips, Carousel, Image Effects, Flip Box, LightBox, Video BG, Responsive Video and Video Bg.

Contact Us

Feel free to consult us before you purchase any product from us. If you have any question in using our product, please e-mail us without hesitation. When you need assistance for your projects, you can contact us and order our service.You can contact us through e-mail, MSN or skype at your convenience. We will deal with and reply to you as quickly as we can.



Our Skype name is dnngo-linda

Please E-mail to [email protected] or [email protected]

Version 4.1.0 - 08.14.2018
  1. Fixed the issue that parallax background can't show.

  2. Fixed some bugs.

Version 4.0.0 - 05.22.2018
  1. Compatible with DNN9.2.0.

Version 3.7.0 - 01.20.2017
  1. Compatible with DNN9.

Version 3.5.0 - 09.09.2016
  1. Fixed the issue of Google Map not showing correctly.

Version 3.4.0 - 07.18.2016
  1. Optimized the skin to be faster, and made it compatible with Client Resource Management.
    Tested the skin in Google PageSpeed Insights, scoring Mobile: 67 Desktop:83

Version 3.3.0 - 06.17.2016
  1. Compatible with Evoq 8.4.

  2. Updated all moduels to be the latest versions.

Version 3.0.0 - 03.14.2016
  1. Optimized the skin structure.

  2. Fixed some bugs.

  3. Updated the menu in mobile, making it easier to use.

  4. Updated all moduels to be the latest versions.

Version 2.3.0 - 01.19.2016
  1. Updated the skin and modules to be compatible with the DNN8.

  2. Updated all the modules to be the latest versions.

  3. Added 8 new pages: About Us, Time Line, Our Services, Our Team, Team Detail, FAQ, Pricing, Contact Us.

Version 2.2.0 - 16.10.2015
  1. Added One Page feature. Demo link

Version 2.1.0 - 08.24.2015
  1. Allow to set typography icon for each menu item.

  2. Allow responsive tab to play automatically.

  3. Newly added DNNGo_DNNGalleryPro module, which includes 15 responsive sldiers in total.

  4. Updated all the modules to be the latest versions.

Version 1.2.0 - 04.21.2015
  1. Updated the skin documentation.

  2. Optimzed skin loading speed.

  3. Updated all the modules to be the latest versions.

Version 1.1.0 - 02.18.2015
  1. Support DNN 7.4.0.

  2. Fixed some bugs.


Product License

You can install the theme on a single portal only, belonging to either you or your clients.
You can install the theme on an unlimited number of Portals under one DNN installation, belonging to either you or your clients.
You can install the theme on an unlimited number of Portals and DNN installations, belonging to either you or your clients.

Upgrade policy for product version:

Free latest version is available if purchase is within two years.
If your purchase is over two years, please contact us at [email protected]

Refund policy:

Notice: Before ordering our products, please take a closer look at the product description, product demo(for module you can download trial version to test) to make sure it is what you want. Or you can contact us directly before placing an order (Email: [email protected])

As per our rules, within 30 days since you purchased our product(s), you can get a full refund if there is any significant problem or bug that is beyond our ability to cope with. But it is nonrefundable if the following situations occur.
  1. Order(s) by mistake; 
  2. Due to individual preference, don’t want to keep it after purchasing it.
  3. Do not know how to use the product(s) due to lacking of knowledge of DNN.
  4. Error(s) caused by (not the error of product itself)the third party product(s) or platform.
  5. The product(s) doesn’t/don’t have any problem we can’t solve.
  6. Site error(s) occurred, but it’s not caused by our company’s product(s).


We insure that all images used in the demo site of this theme (include these in the page templates)are all copyrighted. You are only allowed to use the images together with the skin. Any other type of use or distribution is prohibited: you can not sell, distribute, redistribute, share or transfer images.

Disclaimer: All trademarks are owned by their respective owners. We(dnngo) are not affiliated with them in any manner. All information on this page is for demonstration and/or informational purposes only.

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Azure Compatible

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5 5 (21 product reviews)
Gmono S says... 5 5.0
Excellent and modern design. Comprehensively structured with great service.
Posted 5/6/2015
Codepoint S says... 5 5.0
Very Great product! Very Great assistance! *****Thanks!
Posted 4/17/2015
Bill B says... 5 5.0
Great skin... great service
Posted 8/15/2014
Marco A says... 5 5.0
Great Skin.
Posted 8/25/2014
Todd E says... 5 5.0
Very Nicely done.
Posted 10/16/2014

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