Simple Form Generator

posted by DNN PLUS - 5/4/2019
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This is an application builder module based on sql. you can create what you need in a single module instance with many form and list contents which are organized in a tree view menu. Module 39888
  • $0.00 free for single instance usage per domain
  • $49.00 1 for single domain with 1 year module upgrade
  • $49.00 1 year support and module upgrade
  • $119.00
  • $49.00 you can get one or many of this tickets to get our help for customized application development. the number of tokens needed will be determined per case after negotiation.


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Simple Form Generator

An application builder in DotNetNuke Content Management System. The only thing you should know to work with this system is SQL server and databese design.Its completely enough to devolop almost everything:

  • Powerfull, Flexible and easy to use Control Panel
  • Single Page Application
  • Advanced Permission Management
  • Responsive design
  • Free for single instance usage

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