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posted by DnnZone - 8/16/2010
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DotNetNuke default functionality only supports adding reference of modules within the same portal. Some time we come across a requirement where we want to show html content on two different portals or two different hosts. Two modules HTMLBroadcaster and HTMLReceiver can achieve this. Module 18524
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One of the mostly widely used module in DotNetNuke is the HTML module, which is used to add html content to the portal pages.

Sometime, we need to add same html content to multiple (or all) pages of a portal. In such cases one option can be to add separate HTML modules on required pages and add content. But this is not the best option; as if we need to edit the content, we will have to make changes to all HTML modules one by one. To solve this issue, DotNetNuke provides a built-in functionality to add reference of the modules on different pages. This way, you only have to edit the content at one place and the changes are automatically replicated at all reference modules.

DotNetNuke default functionality only supports adding reference of modules within the same portal. Some time we come across a requirement where we want to show same content on two different portals or two different hosts. The built in functionality provided by DotNetNuke is limited to one portal only and there is no such functionality available to add reference of HTML modules across DotNetNuke hosts or even across portals.

To meet this requirement, I have developed two modules. With the help of these modules, HTML modules can be referenced across different portals in one DotNetNuke host, these modules can also help to create HTML module reference in portals which reside on different DotNetNuke hosts.

How to Use?

Usage of these modules is very simple. First you need to add HTMLBroadcaster module on any of the portal on the DotNetNuke host. Now you can add HTMLReceiver module on the page where you want to add reference of the HTML module. In the setting of the HTMLReceiver module, you will have to set the URL of the HTMLBroadcaster page and Module Id. This module support caching as well. If you want to cache the HTML content on the Receiver end, you can mention the number of minutes to maintain cache. Once cache is expired, content will be fetched from the Broadcaster.

You can try it yourself to see these modules in action

A quick reference on how to use these modules can be found here.

You can review this blog entry to get more info.




  • Q: Is there a character limit to what can be sent through the broadcaster module? I have a content block that is getting cutoff at a certian character limit on the receriver module. If so, is it adjustable?

    A: There is some limit problem with the cache settings. Please set cache settings to 0, this limit problem will be resolved.

  • Q: How do I get the Admin message "Admin Area - Use the HTML Receiver to display the data..." not to appear when inserting the HTMLBroadcaster module? I have the HTMLBroadcaster module on the pages with the master copy and the HTMLReceiver on the pages receiving the copy. Does the HTMLBroadcaster module need to be on each page that I want to broadcast?

    A: Please add the broadcaster module on a separate page, which should be accessible to all users. Please also hide this page from menu. You just need to have a single broadcaster module. You can use the same URL in all receiver modules with respective module ids.

  • Q: Is there a trial version or demo site for "Share HTML Modules across Portals and Hosts"? I would like to know how easy it is to setup a shared module on a page. Thanks, -Derek

    A: Unfortunately, there is no trial version available for this. We have a special money back offer for this module. You can purchase the module and then try it out. During this process, we can provide you assistance on email or chat. If you still are not satisfied with the module, we can refund the amount. thanks.

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