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posted by LightningLab Solutions - 11/17/2020
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Create iOS and Android apps with DNN. With Revolution Premium, you can send Push Notifications from your DNN site to your app or run DNN offline without an internet connection. Module 41423
  • $99.00 Web Apps (Single License)
  • $249.00 App Store Web Apps (Single License)
  • $499.00 Reseller License (Unlimited Apps, All 3 Solutions)
  • $2,999.00 Premium (Push Notifications and Offline Content, 1 native iOS app, 1 native Android app, setup service, publishing service, splash screen design, app icon design, marketing and screen shot generation all included!)


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Video Demo
Watch this video and you'll be amazed how you can build mobile apps with DNN!

Find out how you can use the same database as your website to save time and costs.

Developer Fees
Before you can submit your app to the iOS app store or even test your app on an iOS device, you will need to pay the Apple iOS yearly developer fee of $99. However, you can submit as many apps as you like. You can begin testing your app right away on Android devices. When you are ready to submit your app to the Google Play store, you’ll need to pay Google a 1-time fee $25 which allows you to submit as many apps as you like for life.

If you prefer to have us publish your app for you, you won’t have to pay the developer fees. Contact us for pricing and more info.

Optional Services
We can provide you with as much or as little help as you want. Here is a list of services we offer:

Complete Custom Apps – We can completely design and build an app for you, create icons and splash screen graphics, set it up to pull content from your DNN portal, take screen shots and publish it to iOS and Android app stores. Contact us for pricing and more info.

Our publishing services can be very helpful in several cases:

1. You don’t want to spend the time going through the multistep process of submitting your app to app stores.
2. You don’t have an Apple computer or iOS device but still want to create an iOS app
3. You don’t have an Android smartphone or tablet but still want to create an Android app.
Contact us for pricing and more info.

Design – We can design app icons and splash graphics for your app. You will need icons at several different sizes for different devices. Contact us for pricing and more info.

Service Level Agreement – We can provide ongoing service and support to you or your clients. We can even provide a phone number for your clients to call when they need assistance. Contact us for pricing and more info.

Screenshots – App stores require you to submit screen shots but sometimes this can be difficult if you don’t have a lot of devices to test your app on. We can provide you with screenshots of your app for app stores. Contact us for pricing and more info.

Revolution is compatible with DNN5, DNN6, DNN7 and DNN8. Revolution Premium requires DNN 7.3.3 or higher.

• App Store Web Apps Single license allows you to create 1 app store web app for multiple platforms

• Web Apps Single license allows you to create 1 web app for multiple platforms

• The Revolution Reseller license includes all 3 Revoluton solutions and allows you to create an unlimited number of apps for multiple platforms. You can build apps and resell them for any price, charge for monthly hosting and support and even rebrand it for your clients.

• The Revolution Premium license includes 1 app for iOS, 1 app for Android, an installation service and a publishing services. We will create screenshots of your app, splash screens and app icons.

Revolution may not be redistributed to other developers. If you are using a GIT Hub account, source must be hosted privately.

Become a Reseller
With the Revolution Enterprise license, there are many ways you can profit! You can create and publish as many apps as you like. Build apps for your clients and charge as little or as much as you like. You can also build your residual income by charging a monthly fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Revolution a module or a skin?
Revolution App Store Web Apps is actually a mobile app template. It is a collection of HTML and other web files that are ready for you to customize and upload to Monaca. Revolution contains DNN skins that you will use as you manage your content. Revolution Web Apps is a skin.

Does Revolution work with third party skins!
Yes! Revolution will work with any third party skin! The skins included with Revolution will run along side of your website skin.

What modules does Revolution work with?
Revolution App Store Web Apps and Revolution Web Apps will work with any module!  Regardless of the solution you choose, your modules will need to fit on a mobile device screen. If the module is too wide, you'll need to make some layout adjustments. Contact us for questions about specific modules.

We stand by our products 100% and are committed to answering your questions quickly.

How You Can Receive Free Revolution Upgrades for Life
If you are building a free app, let us showcase your app in our marketing and we’ll give you free upgrades for life!

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