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Revindex Optimizer 3 - Make your site run faster by up to 50%. Turbo performance, speed, optimize

posted by Revindex Inc. - 5/30/2013
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Speed up your Web site by up to 50% instantly and safely. Make your Web site feel responsive and lightweight without any loss of functionality. Module 30708
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Revindex Optimizer puts the Turbo on your Web site

Speed up your Web site instantly and safely by up to 50%!

Users Manual Release Notes

Improve your Web site's loading time with the click of a button. Revindex Optimizer allows you to compress and offload large amount of View State data safely without losing any functionality.

  • Offload View State data to memory, file, database or keep in page.
  • Automatically recover server resources after data has expired.
  • Automatically compress View State data.
  • Use Page trace to show the View State size on your page for easy measurement.
  • Enable optimization only during or off peak hours.
  • Enable optimization only for targeted range of View State size.
  • Enable optimization for selected pages only.
  • Enable optimization based on URL.
  • Requires DNN 8+ (Older version for 7.2+ also available)
  • Free community level support.


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5 5 (2 product reviews)
Lee D says... 5 5.0
Good all around optimizer - not limited to revindex sites.
Posted 5/30/2013
Nathan W says... 5 5.0
Just wanted to post up a quick review about this module. Have installed on a live shopping site and the speed improvement is great. The module appears... Show More
Posted 1/12/2013