Resource Management Pro 1.0.1

posted by N A Development - 12/2/2014
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Turn any DNN portal into a resource management booking system. Ideal for listing classes, appointments, physical assets, etc. Take online payment securely with this fully responsive DNN module that supports advanced Razor templates! Free 14 day trial Module 33963


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Resource Management Pro

Key Features:
  • Turn any DNN portal into a fully functioning resource management booking system.
  • Ideal for listing classes, appointments, physical assets, etc.
  • Take online payment safely and securely, fully PCI compliant.
  • Advanced SEO and searching.
  • Fully responsive using Twitter Bootstrap version 3.0.
  • Fully customizable layouts that support Razor scripts.
  • Customers have their own "my booking section", allowing them to view all the resources they have booked.
  • Secure event management section, allows authorized users to fully administrate the modules bookings, resources and settings.
  • Independently certified by DNN as Azure compatible.
  • Life time upgrades.

This module is tested on DNN version 6.x + onwards

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From the creators of Cart Viper and Event Planner & Registration Module

What Sets Us Apart From The Rest

Securely simple booking form:
Responsive layout:
Razor templates:

Module Features


  • Create an unlimited number of resources.
  • Define days and times when the resource is available.
  • Define the number of resources that are available for a given date and time.
  • Optionally enter dates when a resource is not available (e.g. public holidays, etc).
  • Optionally define the minimum notice required for a booking e.g. only accept booking made at least 2 hours in advance.
  • Optionally define the maximum date into the future a booking can be made e.g. only accept bookings for the next 30 days. 
  • All standard fields supported (summary, description, etc).
  • Upload multiple images.
  • Advanced SEO features - define SEO url, meta page keywords, meta page description and page title.
  • Create custom tabs and display them on the resource details page.
  • Create resource variants and based upon user selection increase the cost of the booking.
  • Advanced searching provided by, all resource data is indexed and searchable to find the most relevant resources to the customers search query.

Resource Categories

  • Create an un-limited number of categories
  • Create an un-limited number of category hierarchies e.g. top level -> sub cat -> third level -> fourth level
  • Advanced SEO , define the SEO url to use for each category.
  • Assign resources to multiple categories to allow filtering when browsing the available resources.

Booking Resources

  • When booking a resource customer presented with simple booking form, allowing them to enter their billing information, select the start date / time and end date / time they require the resource for along with the quantity.
  • Define if the resource is free, charge by minute, day or a fixed price.
  • Create resource variants and based upon user selection increase the cost of the booking.
  • Securely take online payment using PayPal web payment standard.
  • Validate that the resource is available in the quantity the user enters on the given dates and times.
  • Optionally define if the user must login before they are able to book a resource.
  • Separate "my bookings" module allowing a user to view the resources they have previously booked.
  • Admin and customer notified via email when a booking has been made.

Tax & VAT

  • Based on store location and customer billing address allow the module to calculate VAT or Tax on bookings.
  • Assign resources as Tax free.
  • If based in USA choose to charge: Standard tax rate, No tax rate, Tax rate to home state only or Create tax tables so each state has individual tax rate.
  • Optionally assign a resources as tax free.
  • Define VAT rates for: Zero rated bookings ,Reduced rate resources & Standard rate resources, then assign each booking a VAT rate.

Responsive Layout

  • Responsive layout based upon Twitter Bootstrap version 3.0, giving optimal browsing experience for mobile browsing.

Razor Scripts

  • All our layout templates and emails are created using Razor scripts, allowing you to write your own scripts to alter the layout of the module as per your needs without the need to learn any complex token system. Don't like the layout of the details page, you have the ability to change it1

Admin Options

  • Secure separate admin module allowing configuration of the modules settings and resources.
  • View bookings that have been made.
  • Export bookings to CSV file.
  • Simple payment configuration settings
  • Simple tax / vat configuration.
  • Edit the layout and email templates that the module uses directly from the Event Planner admin area.